How to Apply Eyeliner For a Sharp Looking Eyes?


How to apply eyeliner perfectly? Eyes speak a lot, and I am here to make them talk a little more with a sharp look. Ladies, you know the struggle of applying eyeliner the right way is real, and it takes up way more time than the rest of the make-up. It gets even more irritating when one of the lines do not match the other eye’s line, I mean, could life be anymore harder? So this article is kind of a tutorial for you on how to slay that sharp looking eyes. Allow me to sail you through the whole article.

How to apply eyeliner perfectly

How to apply eyeliner perfectly

Step one:

Prepare your eyes with primer and concealer.

Step two:

Blend in the primer and/or concealer with your concealer brush, or you could just use your fingertips as they work fine. Blend in properly.

Step three:

After a complete blend, you need to prepare your eyes for tightlining. Tightlining is an act of applying eyeliner or kohl in such a manner as to fill in the spaces between the roots of the eyelashes. It will give an illusion of fuller eyelashes. Start by stretching your eye upwards as shown in the image.


Step four:

Start by applying a liner from the outermost corner of your upper lash. If you do not get it right in one stroke, then go ahead and finish it in multiple strokes. Moreover, numerous strokes will give you an intense finish. And do not fear to reach the innermost corner of your eye, don’t worry satan is not going to pop out from its tip but do not go ahead and poke yourself in the eye, so if you do not feel comfortable just go to the point that will not kill you. *winks*

This step is just to ensure that there is no ugly gap left between the eyeliner and lash line. If you do not feel safe with the process of tighlining then just go ahead and skip this one step.

Step five:

When you are done with tightlining, then whip out your favourite eyeliner and start with a stroke from the innermost corner to the middle point of your eye. Be sure to keep the liner as close to the lash line as possible. You do not need a one-inch gap between them. About the last perfect stroke which takes place at the other or outer corner of your eye will be taken care of later.

Step six:

After you have worked up till the middle region then carefully scale your liner to the outer corner of your eye, still keeping it close to the lash line. Do not work your whole eye in one go. You would not be able to perfect it in that way. You can make use of three strokes instead of the usual two until you have become better at it.

Step seven:

After the sixth step, give your eye a final stroke to smoothen everything out.  It will give you the even finish that you want.

Step eight:

Make a small slanted line at the end of the outermost line as shown in the picture.

Step nine:

Make another slanted line such that the slanted line looks like a part of a triangle when combined with the first and the second ones. Look at the image to understand more clearly.

Step ten:

Fill in the little triangle with the help of your eyeliner, and it should look something close to as shown in the image.

Step eleven:

Apply kohl to the waterline. Do not apply it in giant strokes as the sole purpose of this application is to balance out the upper and lower lash lines. Do not go overboard with it as it looks pretty dramatic and for some people even adds a few years to their actual age.

Step twelve:

Finish it with a good mascara, and you are oh so ready to have a blast.

So do you also have troubles while applying eyeliner? Well, I hope this article would be a help to those in misery. Share it with your girls so that even they can get that perfect finish.