Plus Size Work Dresses

We have to admit, plus size women are often not as included as they should be at some clothing shops. Sometimes it even seems like you can’t find a good deal online, which is why we are going to help you out with your search. In case you need a trustworthy site, head over to Boohoo, or let us review some of their items! Once we do, you will learn how to dress like a workaholic queen and look stylish from 9-5.

1. Warm Coat

Because it is quite cold at the moment your main focus should be on purchasing a thicker, warmer, yet stylish coat. This one is feminine & cute while being quite practical since it comes in a gray color, meaning you can match it with anything! This one is feminine & cute while being quite practical since it comes in a gray color, meaning you can match it with anything like a classic Tissot watch!  This can be your go-to business coat, but you can still tone it down, add some pop of pink, and wear with your girlfriends when heading out on Friday night.

The jacket is padded and leaves a classy outcome, while still looking like a good bomber jacket. You can wear it loose or you can tighten around the torso thanks to its wrap detail.

Made out of 93% Polyester 7% Viscose. The lining is 100% Polyester. You shouldn’t wash it on your own, rather dry clean it.

Plus Belted Wool Look Coat
Plus Belted Wool Look Coat

2. Snakeskin Tailored Blazer

How straight-to-business can you even look without a good blazer? This one is a stunning choice because it features snakeskin design, and it also comes in this washed out light gray color combo, which will look amazing underneath your coat!

Ideal and figure flattering thanks to its padded details and one button only. This blazer can be worn loose or buttoned up, based on your preference. It is really fashion-forward, and it might win your boss over and give you that hard-earned raise.

Made out of 95% Polyester and 5% Elastane. This blazer can be machine washed.

Plus Snakeskin Tailored Blazer
Plus Snakeskin Tailored Blazer

3. Cozy Turtleneck

A good and trustworthy turtleneck is always in style. This one will come in handy during your everyday life situations but is also ideal for your job. It is very formal yet comfy, perfect for long working hours. Once you purchase it you can wear it with any other statement or relaxed items, but for now, it will come in handy for your office.

Besides the black color which will look the best with your outfit, you can also purchase this turtleneck in green or pink. It features long sleeves and breathable fabric for comfy wear.

Made out of 100% Polyester. You can machine wash it.

Plus Crepe Roll Neck Top
Plus Crepe Roll Neck Top

4. Midi Skirt

A midi skirt is the most appropriate choice for your office job. This one will give a bit of a pop to your outfit since it is cream colored and ideal for making a statement. Comfy & lightweight, will be a great choice for your everyday wear as well.

The skirt will enhance your curves and make you look taller and curvier than you are. Its length will suit any body shape. The best part is that you can get it in black & brown, ideal if you need options and diversity.

Made out of 95% Polyester and 5% Elastane. It can be machine washed.

Plus Rib Top & Midi Skirt Co-ord
Plus Rib Top & Midi Skirt Co-ord

5. Flared Suedette Sock Boots

Sock boots are always in fashion, but especially ever since Cardi B started to rap about sock shoes. These are very feminine and chic, and every lady will feel good in them. The heel itself is comfy and easy to walk in, and you will enjoy your working hours in these shoes. Also, they will keep you warm during these winter days.

The boots will enhance your legs if you wear some black pants or black hosiery in your case, along with your skirt. These will make your legs appear slimmer, and will suit your everyday & special night out situations the best. The block heel is very easy to walk in, ideal for those who don’t love heels as much.

Made out of synthetic suede and featuring a 10 cm high heel.

Flared Suedette Sock Boots
Flared Suedette Sock Boots

6. Snake Structured Body Bag

Add some print back to your outfit by including this snake body bag. It can hold all of your necessities, notebooks, and can still give out class and sophistication. You can wear it as a body bag or around your shoulder.

The bag comes in snake print only but is the ultimate choice for women who love attention-seeking details. This item will look pretty once paired up against your blazer but is also very beautiful and easy to pair along with little black dresses for your special night outs on the weekend.

Faux Python Snake Structured Cross Body
Faux Python Snake Structured Cross Body

7. Gold Shell Drop Earrings

Wrap up the look by adding a pair of golden earrings and enjoy your business look. If you love gold jewelry don’t forget to include it in your everyday wear as well. These shell inspired earrings will look classy along with your blazer, and your turtleneck.

Make sure you wear these with your hair up in a ponytail since they will make your eyes pop, as well as your facial features. If you wear your hair down you will hide the beauty of these earrings.

Gold Shell Drop Earrings
Gold Shell Drop Earrings

8. Golden Rings

Finish it up with this 5 piece ring set and enjoy your feminine accessories at work as well. You can wear all 5 of these at one time, or you can stick to one ring a day only.

All 5 have different gems, infinity sign details, and unusual asymmetrical designs. Women who love gold and who want to make their manicure pop will enjoy these rings the most.

Spiral Mixed Ring Set
Spiral Mixed Ring Set
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