Try To Spot The Real And Fake Items


Spot the real and fake items-When it comes to finding the quality of the item, then we touch it carefully, look at it, and try it out once. But if we spot it being fake, we wonder about its looks. But we want to make sure if you are ready to find the real item or not. Here we have brought the list of things which can be real or fake.

Let us start.

Find if the wooden block you feel which one can be real or which can be of plastic.

How to spot the real and fake items

In the next are you able to find out which one is the natural silk and which is the synthetic fibre by looking at the picture?

How to spot the real and fake items

By seeing the picture, can you find out the true shining of the pearls?

Find which one is the English porcelain dish and which one of these two is the ordinary ceramic one.

Do you really what does the real leather made up of?

Try to find out the picture of the matte lipstick and guess which one is fake among these two.

What about these two nail polishes? Which can be expensive for these two and which one is cheap?

Are you able to find out the difference between the silver and the trinket made up of iron?

The picture given below gives two types of wools, and you have to find out which one is real and true.

The photograph given below is of two rings, and you must know which of these consists of the real diamonds. And check if you can answer the question or not.

Here we have asked you the number of question to spot the real and fake items. And now if you cannot answer these questions, then we are here with the answers and match your ones with these and try to find out if you were right or wrong and what you lack to depict the right products.


The fake products get designed so perfectly that it becomes difficult to find the real one. The real wood will give you the thick texture and colour. Also, you can knock at its surface to find out which is correct and gives the dull sound to you.


The thickness of the thread of the real silk is different because it is from the natural products from the silkworm. The real silk will never produce the crumples and will never electrify.


If the stone is natural, then it will never have the perfectly flat surface. It will be porous and give out the pearly reflection to you. When you bring the pearls in the correct light, then they will give you the thought of blue light. The synthetics will give a greenish colour.


The picture on the right side is of ceramics that gives the clear glaze reflection. If you want to check the real things, it is better to bring them into the light. The porcelain is transparent and will shine gently while ceramics do not sparkle. Also, we can get the porcelain as it clinks even if you do the slight tapping on it.


The real leather has the dark colour that will tarnish after some time. Also, its texture has the elongated shape. Also, if you want to spot the real leather, then you can do it by bending it. The right leather will get wrinkles when you flex it. And when you unflex it the surface will return to the initial state.


Well, if you want to test the true matte lipstick, then it will not shine while the fake one will shine later on.

Nail Polish:

If you are using the high-quality nail polish, then it will always have the flat lay. Flat lay you can check by its glittering tips. If it will not have any chips, then it means its surface is flat.


The silver which you are choosing of thinking it as right will always give the polished borders and the even colour. Pure metal will possess chips and silver will not attract magnet while iron does so.


Woollen fibre will have a different thickness and will never produce the static electricity and the unpleasant sound.


If the light shines then the diamonds will always give the grey shade brightness. If it will shine with the all colours of the rainbow, then it is a fake one.