Nowadays, whether you are going for a wedding ceremony or going to attend your office meeting, setting up your hair is the utmost consideration for a woman. However, we don’t always have access to the essential equipment that is needed to straighten the hairs. In such cases, using a curling iron to straighten your hairs is the best possible option.

So if you are looking out for the basic tips on how to straighten hair with a curler then read out the below-listed steps.

How to straighten hair with a curler?

how to straighten hair with a curler

The first basic thing to consider while looking out for the curling iron for fine hair is to ensure that the appliance has a 1-2 inches diameter. Larger the curling iron is, the better will be the outcome. Besides that, Ceramic and Tourmaline curling irons are often considered to be an ideal appliance for straightening your hairs in easiest yet effective way. This is because; the listed curlers spread the heat evenly throughout your hairs.

Are you ready to straighten your hairs with a curler? Here I am sharing go-to-go guide that can assist you to do so.

  1. Prepare your hairs

Wash your hairs with a shampoo that provide your hair with sufficient moisture without leaving residue in it. Also, apply a small amount of conditioner in the tip of your hairs. Once you are done with washing, dry your hairs with a dryer to make it ready for straightening. This is because straightening or curling the wet hairs can ruin the same to a great extent. Hence, it is advisable to allow it some time to dry prior to using the curler in it. Meanwhile, you can plug in the curling iron to heat it up.

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  1. Clip back the uppermost layers of the hair

In order to make the hairs look uniform, it is a must to straighten the hairs in layers. It will aid you to make certain that you haven’t overlooked any strands. Tie up the uppermost layer of your hairs and begin with the bottom layers.

  1. Pull the curler through the layers

Hold the bottom layer of your hairs, open the clamp of the curler, and put in the bottom layer you are holding between the clamp and barrel of the appliance. Shut the clamp and pull the curler in a downward position steadily. Practice the same with the entire layers of your hairs and check if you have covered all the section.

  1. Spray your hairs

Once your hairs are straightened you can set the same using a hairspray. The hairspray will give additional shine and a uniform look to your hairs.


So what are you waiting for? Do you find it troublesome to create straight hairs without using a straightener? No need to worry now as with this world of advanced technology, it is possible to create straight hairs with a tight curling iron. Get a curling iron and straighten your hairs using the above-mentioned steps. All the best!