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If you are lucky, or in your view perhaps, sometimes decidedly unlucky, enough to have a brother in your life, whether you still live at home with him or else you or he has moved out into their own home, when it comes to birthdays and Christmas, it can be hard to choose a gift.

So, whether your brother’s birthday is just around the proverbial corner, or else you are one of those enviably prepared people who like to shop in good time for Christmas, then continue reading for some top ideas and inspiration for the brother that has everything.

Virtual Reality Headset

If your brother is somewhat of an avid gamer, then a fantastic present would be a brand-new virtual reality headset.

It is more than possible that he has already bought himself such a device, but the thing with virtual reality technologies is that they are constantly updating and changing and therefore a brand-new one will have advanced capabilities and settings.

A Docking Station

Following the technological line, another fantastic gift would be a stylish and slimline docking station, which your brother can either have at the side of the couch or else on his bedside table to charge his devices overnight.

Usually, good quality docking stations can charge multiple devices at once, from tablets and smartphones to smartwatches, and so this present is both a thoughtful and an exceedingly practical one.

A Bumper Pack of Vape Juice

For the brothers out there, who are keen on vaping and are always interested in the exciting new releases of the latest electronic vaping devices and associated accessories, a cost-effective and existing birthday or Christmas gift this year would be a bumper collection of different flavors of vape juice.

If you buy ruthless vape juice from a reputable and renowned e-cigarette and accessory supplier, then you can handpick from a myriad of different flavors and flavor combinations, and if he finds one he likes, he can then order a set of just the ones he loves the most himself.

Original Movie Prints

If your brother is a huge movie buff and loves nothing more than going to the movie theater, either on his own so he can really immerse himself in the film, or else with friends or family, then for a fun and entertaining gift, you could order him a copy, or even original, blueprint of his favorite movie.

There is a wide plethora of online suppliers who can either send the movie print directly to your brother’s house and even gift wrap for a little more money, or else send the print to you so you can present it to him when he next comes over to visit.

Adult Board Games

Board games and card games are becoming increasingly popular amongst older teenagers and adults alike these days, in part due to the huge success of Cards Against Humanity and Cards Against Disney.

As a result, there is now a multitude of the different adult-themed board and card games along the same lines, and such a gift will mean the next party he holds at his home is sure to go off with a proverbial bang.