Illustrations On Depression-Depression is one of the deadliest condition that you can have which does not seems deadly from the outside. It will turn your insides to a confused mesh and leave you devastated. Suddenly you are not sure of anything, suddenly life seems to be falling apart, suddenly life does not have any life left in it anymore. Press the pause button as a first step. Know that you are stronger than any condition that life shoves in your face.

Depression can sometimes not be understood by people who did not have tasted its bitter pill. Alice De Ste Croix, also known as Destiny Blue, is an artist from the UK who conveys her emotional state beautifully with the pictures that she draws. Her messages are strongly stamped in our minds with her works that convey feelings in a wonderful light. Let us have a look at some of these amazing pictures.

Illustrations On Depression

“Open my heart to you!”

It becomes too difficult for a person suffering from depression to show the concealed wounds and scars of the heart. People do not wish to put everything in the open because they fear for the acceptance that they think they will lose. For such a person, I want to say, that it is okay to reveal your hardships only to a trusted few, but pick a handful of people; your friend, your teacher, your parent, anyone, with whom you can share that you are not okay. Do not bottle your fears and anxieties.


“Sew closed my soul.”

When forever seems to be over.

For some people, to whom life has been a little too harsh, to whom everything seems shattered and irreversible, this is the way they feel inside. Trust me that in spite of the storms that you have been through, it is never over. It is not over until you give up. It is not over until you lay down your armor. Give a punch or two in the face of adversities. I know that it is easier said than done, but nothing in this world is impossible. Put yourself back on your feet after every blow. Do not be scared if things go the wrong way. Believe in yourself, in the power that you have been bestowed.

When you just cannot get it off your mind.

Sometimes all the doors of possibilities seem shut. Sometimes you just cannot seem to shake the failures of your life off your mind. Sometimes you cannot forget the pain and hurt that someone has caused you. In those moments, save yourself, be your own warrior, sail to the brighter side.  Do not let the shackles of your own evils pull you down never to get up, and even if you fall, do not just give in the hardship and put yourself back on your feet.

“Writing my life.”

Sometimes you have to paint your own wings.

Any situation, person or problem cannot tame you. You have to prove it to the world that you are not going to be anybody’s toy. You will face every hardship that comes your way with every ounce of energy in your body. Do everything that is going to make you happy. Do everything that excites you. Do not let other people control you and your ways because your wings are yours to fly up above all their rules. Be the hero that you have always wanted. Shatter the walls that people help build around you; they just trap your free spirit, not your problems.

“Warpaint- it’s time to stand my ground!”

Indeed, it is! Fight your problems and do not expect anybody else to fight your battles. Look your problems in the eye, instead of running away from them. Stop, do not run away, stand your ground and with fiery rage and capacity battle it all away. It is about time now, to shatter the restraints that you have confined yourself into. You need yourself and only yourself in the most crucial moments of your life. Take care of yourself because you are going to need yourself, your high spirits, your strength, in the future.

Toxic people need love too.

The people whom we call toxic are toxic because of the conditions and the environment that they live in. They cannot see others happy because they are not even close to acquiring any happiness. If possible, try to be with these people, try to find out the reasons that made them into who they are today. If you find out a legitimate reason for why they have turned out to be this harsh a person, then who knows all this while they might just be needing a little bit of care and understanding.

People leave marks on us. Even if we cannot see them, we feel them.

Life is too short to waste it on people who will not make it any better with their presence. It is because of this that we need to choose our companions very wisely because every important being in our lives will leave their mark on us, be it bitter or sweet. You need to be careful when you decide to invest a lot of yourself in a particular relationship. See if these people are worth your time, love and care.

Read between the letters.

You may spend a whole year with someone and still not know that person with all the insights. Try to be aware of the things that your close ones are going through. Everyone wears a mask to not seem vulnerable. Try to look behind the mask. Look for the broken pieces and if you could help fix them, then never back out. People may seem very different from the outside and will not tell you about their reality. Help those in need.

Did you find a lot of wisdom in these portrayals? Well, I sure did. Every broken feeling, unsaid words and misunderstood expressions are illustrated beautifully. It takes us through the harsh journeys that people encounter in the course of their life. We can all share each other’s burdens and make them weigh less than they actually do.