Man arguing with his wife in their living room

Is it hard to understand men? Relationships are not that hard with the right person. Everyone has his/her share of fights in a relationship; there is always a wiggle room for some not-so-serious and even some intense arguments. However, you need to check if these conflicts are getting out of hand and if you are putting up with something too dreadful to even contemplate.

There is not one relationship in which there might not have been even some differences of opinion; the thing to which you need to pay attention is how your partner chooses to voice those opinions and how he/she tackles the problem.

Do not waste your life living in denial with the wrong person, when a perfect match might be waiting for you to change both of your lives. If you see any of the following behavior patterns in your partner, you need to sort out some stuff or even break it off if the relationship is becoming too toxic to stay.

Let’s see is it hard to understand men

Inexpressive is okay, but insult should not be put up with

Is it hard to understand men?

Women and even guys have a complaint that their significant others do not express their love as often as they should, they are also not able to express what they are feeling inside. Well, everyone has different ways of expressing love and affection, and not all of us are quite vocal about it.

Some of us just show silently with our actions and make our partners aware that they are in the presence of love. Not being vocal about the feelings is one thing, but never expressing feelings in any way is a whole other situation. If your partner does not show affection in any of his/her actions but is instead, insulting you in public or even in private, then you may need to rethink some stuff.

Contrasting sensibilities

It is very reasonable to have varied opinions, perspectives, and choices between you and your partner. People in a relationship find each other’s choices sometimes distasteful. You might try to introduce him/her to your likes and dislikes, and it is okay if he/she gets on with at least some of your preferences.

If, however, your partner refuses to respect any of your choices or in any way holds you guilty of having a different opinion than them, then that, my friend, is not quite acceptable. Opposites attract, maybe, maybe not. One thing’s for sure is that even opposites need to have something in common to make their relationship work healthily.

Zero tolerance for abuse

Abusive behavior, be it mental or physical should not be put up with. You need to get out of such a toxic relationship as fast as you can. It will destroy you bit by bit until nothing is left to be destroyed. There are always conflicts between you and your partner, even the most successful of relationships are not without them.

However, the outlet that your partner chooses to exude that anger that is accumulated after a fight is essential. If you have, even for once, experienced any mental or physical abuse, you need to find a person with a soul as beautiful as yours instead of the rotting devilish one that you are with at this time.

Caring or dominating?

Many people try to control their partner’s life because they “just care about you too much”. Trust me that that is complete cowshit. You do not need to be someone who tries to dominate every single move of your life.

A person who loves you will give you the space that you require and will never try to boss you. If your partner asks you to text him/her when you reach home at night, then they are worried about your safety, but if they try to keep track of your every moment, then they are beyond insecure, and no relationship has ever been successful with insecurity creeping in the holes.

Two-timing type


It is perfectly normal to have female friends for a guy, and a guy who is surrounded by opposite sexes becomes more sensitive to the needs of women.

However, if you feel that your partner is sharing quite intimate details or his deepest feelings with his female friends that he does not want to share with you then believe it or not there is more to it than you can see. A healthy one on one conversation may help deal with the situation.

Lazy and sulky all the time

Is your partner always sulky around you when he/she seems to be having a blast with his/her friends otherwise? If yes, then this behavior is not healthy for a relationship.

Two people who are in a relationship should enjoy each other’s company and be happy with each other’s presence. Your mood shall instantly light up with the thought of meeting the other person. If that does not seem to happen, then this is not the ideal relationship that you have been looking for.

Loves me, loves me not.

If even after being for so long in a relationship you are not sure about the other person’s feeling then this ride is not what you are expecting it to be. You need to be sure of the page that your partner is on if you want to commit yourself fully and deeply to this relationship.

If your partner leaves you with a question mark in your head, then you need to sort it out with a conversation. If unfortunately, you meet a dead end at the end of it, you may need to re-evaluate your relationship.

You do not want to dive deep into a relationship that does not guarantee you anything that you want or fails to stick by your expectations completely.

So, there you have it, some situations where it becomes difficult for your partner to understand you. You need to put a little bit of effort into your relationship if it means a great deal to you.

Without hard work and effort, your relationship will collapse even after meeting a minute obstacle. Do not let an important relationship go down the drain. It takes a lot of time for people to meet with their imperfectly perfect match if you have met that person then do not let them go away.