Deciding to visit a doctor concerning one’s mental health can never be a simple step. You may have spent years contemplating it before finally arriving at the decision.

But, after this huge decision, you also need to figure out the type of doctor that will best suit your health need. Your first choice may be to consult your primary health care provider. Trust us, this is not an uncommon decision since according to this article, about ½ of the eight million depression appointments are made at primary health care centers.

However, if the symptoms you have been experiencing go beyond that of mild depression, you may need to rethink your choice. At which point, you will be faced with yet another big question “A psychiatrist, or a psychologist?” Deciding which of these professionals will best help tackle the problem may be difficult. Therefore, in this article, we will be discussing psychiatric versus psychological treatment and situations that require either of the two.

Difference Between Psychiatric and Psychology

Before we talk about the differences between these two practices, you must note they sometimes work hand in hand to achieve better results.

Having established that fact, the major difference between both practices is that psychiatric treatment often involves the use of medication. Psychological treatment on the other hand involves majorly talk therapy. Another major difference is that professionals in the psychiatric field often have graduated medical school before they specialize in psychiatry. What this means is that a psychiatrist is a medical doctor, they, therefore, hold every right to prescribe and administer medication.

When You Need Psychological Treatment

We stated in the section above that psychological treatment involves talk therapy. This is because, unlike psychiatrists who have a doctor’s degree, psychologists do not. Rather, they are versed in the science of studying people’s behaviors and patterns of reasoning.

Talk therapies are used to help the patient evaluate their attitudes and feelings. This will ultimately allow them to understand their symptoms and create healthier behaviors. A psychologist often uses scientifically validated processes to help their patient isolate a particular problem. They will then recommend some behavioral changes that may potentially help the patient overcome the problem.

Psychology is said to work its way to the problem’s root and tackle it from there. If this is the kind of aid you are looking for, that is you want to better understand your behavior or thought patterns, then psychological treatment may very well be the one for you.

Furthermore, if your child needs mental health evaluation, then we advise you to consult a psychologist since they offer several therapy options (like play therapy) which will better suit the child.


When You Need Psychiatric Treatment

Psychiatric treatment may be considered more holistic than psychological treatment. We say this because while a psychologist simply uses talk therapy, a psychiatrist will use medication alongside talk therapy, and other treatment forms.

They can also assess your medical records and glean some important information from them. For instance, a mood disorder can be due to hormonal changes like thyroid disorder or pregnancy. You can visit here https://www.todaysparent.com/pregnancy/pregnancy-health/how-pregnancy-hormones-affect-your-body-in-each-trimester/ to find out more on the hormones in pregnancy.

Furthermore, if you were already on medication for some other condition, then a physiatrist can evaluate pre-existing medications and newly prescribed ones to ensure they do not interact adversely. Finally, if the psychiatrist notices that the patient requires hospitalization, then he has the power to prescribe it. This should not cause panic as hospitalization is most often resorted to after other methods fail.

Therefore, if you desire a more holistic approach to the problem, then you may consider picking psychiatric treatment instead. Also, some complex issues like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and severe depression are best handled by psychiatrists. This is because; these issues oftentimes require medication.

If you decide to get psychiatrist treatment, then you can check any good psychiatrist in Corpus Christi to gather more information. As we have said earlier, these two treatments sometimes work hand in hand. Therefore, stay open to the possibility of having to see both a psychiatrist and a psychologist.


Seeking mental health care is not something to be ashamed about. But, coming to the decision that you need it is not a simple feat. After this decision comes the big question of who to talk to. However, seeking psychiatric or psychological treatment should be based on your health needs.