Looking for your soulmate sounds like a fun thing. In reality, it turns out to be a challenge, though. Everyone wants to find his better half, but just some of us manage to do that. Online dating seems to be not only fun but also a very effective way of searching for someone. Around 12% of couples in the United States claim to find their beloved ones online.

This number is quite impressive, and there is a huge chance of meeting someone through the Internet. Unfortunately, some negative reviews from users sometimes say that looking for someone online is just a waste of time and money. Where is the truth, then? Is there any golden mean between wasting your time and dating online successfully?

Loveforheart is one of the international dating platforms that was quite efficient in previous years. Many people wrote a positive site review and proved that they managed to find decent dates with its help. Let’s see whether it can still be similarly good today, what new features help you successfully date online, and what factors affect the success rate.

A brief overview of a dating site

  • International dating connections with Slavic women
  • Great customer support
  • Free registration
  • Positive reviews from customers
  • Excellent reputation
  • Validated female profiles only
  • No membership fees
  • Free trial and no subscriptions
  • Advanced user interface and great design
  • A very convenient credit system
  • Possibility of getting personal contact details and assistance in the arrangement of a personal meeting
  • Very convenient communication tools
  • Private chats for interesting conversations
  • High security
  • Privacy protection


Guarantee of security

Privacy and security are some of the most crucial features for men when it comes to the choice of an online dating platform. With Loveforheart, you have nothing to worry about. You are completely protected when being a member of this dating site. If you review the Terms and Conditions, you will understand that male profiles are not visible online.

Only a registered female member can access it. Therefore, if you have no wish for your colleagues, friends, family members, or just someone you know to see you online, you may not worry about it. On reliable dating sites, the men’s gallery is discreet and can be seen only by verified female members.

Anti-scam policy

Loveforheart review shows that this site takes great care about its customers. Registered users can be sure they are talking to genuine girls. No scam is possible here, and here is why. Girls cannot register easily even if they want to. Their registration is very strict and highly controlled by the moderators of this website.

Every lady should provide not only her photos but also her documents to confirm her identity. After that, females are invited for a video interview in which they should confirm both their identities and serious intentions. If a lady seems doubtful to site administrators, her profile cannot be posted.

Such a strict procedure ensures the safest and most positive experience for every customer. You have no doubts that the person you are talking to is real and is the same as in her profile pictures. The website takes care of that.

How can you become a member of a dating platform?

You can do it in just a few steps. Registration on a well-known international dating site is free. You do not purchase any subscriptions or membership plans even after your free trial is over. Open the site tab, provide your name and email address in the registration form, create a password, click “accept the terms,” and here you go. Now, you can log in to the site successfully.

You can successfully date online now. According to Loveforheart reviews, after registration, you receive 20 free credits. If you confirm your email, you receive more of them. They appear on your balance right away and can be used without any restrictions. Use them to start chatting or messaging someone. Once you find a decent girl, you can get more credits to keep your acquaintance.

The costs of your happiness

As you already know, registration is completely free. So is the creation of your profile, as well as browsing profiles of ladies and viewing their photos. There are no membership fees or subscription charges. The only thing you need to do is to buy credits when your free credits are over. You will do this only if you wish; you are not obliged to do this according to the Terms and Conditions.

A credit system on Loveforheart means that you buy credits for real money and use them as currency on the website. Credits come in packages. The cost of packages varies. The cheapest one costs $3 while the most expensive costs $200. The most expensive package includes 1000 credits which is a very large number of units, and you will be using them for a long time.

You should choose a package according to your needs and requirements. It depends on how many girls you are going to talk to, how often you are going to communicate, whether you want to chat, send messages, exchange video files, etc. In general, sending one letter won’t cost you more than 15 cents, which is an extremely low price. For comparison, many dating websites charge up to 10 dollars for one letter.

Gifts are the most expensive services. However, if you find your special girl, sending at least flowers would be good. Slavic women greatly appreciate this, and you will get unbelievably warm feedback from her. You can do it without any special occasions; however, if you don’t send her at least flowers for her birthday or Christmas, your Slavic date may consider you greedy. Keep in mind this quality is unacceptable in the Slavic culture.


How to succeed with Slavic women

There is much information about women from Slavic countries on the Internet. You will find many good and bad things about these stunning girls online. Some western guys call them goddesses and cannot date anyone else after them, while others call them gold-diggers and keep returning to them.

In fact, your success or failure with a Slavic woman depends on many factors, and you are one of them. Your behavior and how well you know the peculiarities of Slavic dating culture are also very crucial for the result. Thus, you must understand that Slavic girls like being chased by men. If you expect her to pursue you in correspondence, forget about it.

You are the one who should initiate all communication, be there to reply to her regularly, and send her signs of attention, for instance, flowers. Chivalry is still much appreciated by women from Slavic countries, as Loveforheart reviews claim. Therefore, be present online, not once a month but lead interesting conversations regularly, show your attention, and express a wish to meet your woman in person.

Also, it would be good to choose a lady in a certain age range — not younger than 10-15 years. This will prevent you from disappointment. Too young ladies might not be ready for such an age difference. Older and mature women closer to your age group will make a perfect match for you. Good luck!