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Ways to manage muscle and joint pain-Are you experiencing pain in the muscles or joints? The causes of this form of pain vary from one individual to the other. It could come from aging, tension, stress or even an intense workout. Muscle pain goes hand in hand with soreness and stiffness. Any changes in your exercise routine may cause some injuries in the connective tissues and the muscle fibers.

Most of us assume that sore muscles are a sign that the body is positively changing. This is not necessarily the case because there is no relationship between workout quality and sore muscles. It may be a sign that you have pushed the body more than you normally do.

Joint pain is an inflammatory condition that doctors call osteoarthritis. It is common among the aged and comes from wearing out of the cartilage which acts as the cushion for the joints. Joint pain can also come from an injury which affects the meniscus or ligaments. Most types of joint pain can be managed with medications and cbd pain relief treatments. The tissue bands which join your bones are what are referred to as ligaments. Your knee has a rubber disc which cushions it known as the meniscus.

Are there any other causes of muscle pain?

How to manage muscle and joint pain

Apart from physical activity, aging and stress, muscle pain has other causes. It could come from a bacterial infection, flu polio, autoimmune diseases like lupus and a potassium deficit in the body. Some drugs can also cause muscle pain like cocaine, ACE inhibitors, and statins. People with thyroid problems are also prone to getting muscle and joint pain.

How to manage muscle and joint pain

Place some ice cubes on the affected area

You can reduce inflammation by using ice cubes on sore muscles. Inflammation immobilizes you and makes it hard for you to proceed with daily activities. By reducing inflammation, it increases your movement which is essential in facilitating healing. Ice works both on muscle injuries and soreness. It speeds up your recovery.


Before you start working out, you should start with stretching so that your muscles do not get sore. Start with a warm-up before you engage in exercises to prepare your body for the intensity. Stretching also helps your muscles to contract as the muscle fibers shorten. You should also finish training with some stretches to ease the tension in the muscles and lengthen the muscle fibers. Extending these fibers after practice increase mobility and gives you a quick recovery.

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Foam roll

Make use of a foam roller to give your aching muscles and joints some massage. Concentrate on the areas that may be sore as you give every muscle group at least five rolls. Massage the calves, joints and other aching spots and get relief from the pain.  You should also foam roll before you start working out to boost mobility and prevent soreness. Foam rolling also works well on joint pains among the aged.

Get the right nutrients

Your body should receive all the necessary nutrients from both foods and supplements. You should take healthy fats, potassium, and carbohydrates that are necessary for repairing worn out muscles and preventing soreness.

Take fulvic minerals to reduce the joint pain since they have anti-inflammatory properties and facilitate healing. Your body needs anti-oxidants such as vitamin C to keep you free from injuries and infections. Protein supplements help in the synthesis of proteins in the body which is crucial for muscle repair.

You also need to consume amino acids in the right periods since they are the main building blocks in the body. Fatty acids can also reduce inflammation and pain in the joints. You can get this nutrient from foods such as salmon fish, walnuts and avocado.

Use heat

You can also use heat on it the affected area. This increases the flow of blood on your joint and relieves pain. Do not use heat immediately after training or noticing an inflammation since, at this point, heat can worsen the swelling and damage the muscles causing more soreness. Use ice then heat as you let the swelling to go down.

Keep moving

Do not spend a lot of time resting even if the joints or muscles hurt. Ensure that you spend some time walking every day even if you don’t go back to practice immediately. You can also enroll in a gentle yoga class to help you remain active and increase your stretching. It will help you recover fast and strengthen your joints. Such activities can also relieve stress and tension.   Do not, however, indulge in high impact activities until the pain disappears.

Try drugs

Some drugs such as aspirin and naproxen act as pain relievers and also reduce inflammation. They also reduce discomfort and allow you to proceed with your daily activities. Do not use NSAIDs for long since they interfere with the process of muscle repair in the body. NSAIDs have also been linked to cardiovascular problems and intestinal dysfunction.

Remain hydrated

Ensure that you take sufficient water especially if you maintain a very active lifestyle. As you train, you lose a lot of water from sweating, and you need to replenish the stores. It allows the body organs to function well. Water also lubricates and cushions your joints to eliminate any pain that may be caused by the wearing off of the cartilage in them. It also restores the body temperature to the normal range. When you work out, get a sports drink that contains electrolytes to replace the ones lost from sweating.

Visit the doctor

If the home treatments above don’t seem to work, you should consult a doctor to find out the underlying problem. The pain should not last for long after trying the treatments above;  if it does its time to get a second opinion. If you get a rash or notice an elevation in body temperature, visit the doctor. Also, watch out for symptoms such as vomiting, minimal urination, stiffness and difficulty swallowing.

Final thoughts

We have all experienced pain in either the muscles or the joints. In most cases, it is not a serious condition, and it is easy to treat it using some home remedies. Try the above today and get back to your physical activities within no time.