Some Famous Fast Food Meals From Around The World


Most popular fast food around the world

1. The Philippines: Jollibee

Most popular fast food around the world

The popular fast food chain of Philippines is Jollibee. They provide burgers, noodles, rice meals and much more. The famous fast food is Chicken Joy, and it is the version of the fried chicken. The chicken of their place is “Crispylicious” and “Juicylicious”, and many people will not want to miss it.

2. Nepal: Momos

Momos are the Nepalese version of the dumpling. You will get momos into the menu of every Nepali restaurant nowadays. Momos are cheap and delicious. They are filled with the meat and veg. They had several shapes and sizes and dipped into the tomato based dipping sauce which is generally called achar.

3. Australia: Hungry Jack’s

The packing which you see in the above photo must be familiar to you. Now if you remember that the Burger King has the same packing type. Let me clear you that Hungry Jack’s and Burger King are the sister companies. But the differences are only there in the menu of both. Both the companies are famous all over the world. But it’s just like a talk that Hungry Jack’s is better than the Burger King as they put hash browns on their burger.

4. El Salvador: Pollo Campero

You will get the number one fried chicken in the famous place that is Pollo Campero. But not only chicken they have many other best things in their restaurant including empanadas and Latin desserts. The Latin desserts include flan and drinks like horchata.

5. The Netherlands: Frikandel

The best thing to eat at the place of Netherland is Frikandel. Now you must be thinking what it is. It is a meat hotdog with the deep fry but without the bun and having chopped onions over its surface. The whole things combined make the Frikandel.

6. South Korea: NeNe Chicken

The NeNe Chicken is the best place of South Korea. It had 920 outlets and based in Seoul. The best fast food at their site is the fried chicken. They form a secret recipe for it. They bring the fresh chicken from the poultry farms. The newest flavour at their place is Snowing Cheese. We don’t know what it is but try it at least once.

7. United Kingdom: Fish and Chips

If you must be planning to go to the UK, then you must try fish and chips. Without indulging in them, you are not on the part of the UK. Fries are in the hunk of deep fried fish along with some of the mushy peas and the malt vinegar. Mouth gets watered after thinking of the dish.

8. Barbados: Chevette

The most popular fast food of Barbados is Chevette. The place is famous for producing best Rotis and the broasted chicken meals. Rotis are like a wrap with the filling of chicken, beef, or potatoes inside it. Must try it once.

9. Bosnia and Herzegovina: Ćevapi

Cevapi is the form of the Kabab made with beef or the lamb. It is in the way of the sausage shape, and the best part is that it is served with the flatbread and the chopped onions. Sometimes it gets topped with the pepper, sour cream, and feta. And yes it is true.

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10. Belgium: Fries

Mayonnaise is the favourite thing to eat to the Belgium people. They try the new dish with the Mayonnaise especially when the talk comes to their fries. Fries are best to serve with the cone. A little bit salt gets spread over them, and Mayo gets loaded on the top. Mouthwatering dish.

11. India: Chaat

Indian chaat is the best food item to eat. It is street food with different varieties. The chaat consists of potatoes, chickpeas and the fried bread. We generally add yoghurt and onion to the dish. Also, chaat is with the chutney or the mashed potatoes. Also, all the things bring water in my mouth.

12. Nigeria: Chicken Republic

Chicken Republic is the best-fried chicken of Nigeria’s. They give the best West-African spiced chicken, and along with that the ice cream and desserts are the best. If you want the taste of Chicken Republic, then I think you must go KFC for the taste.

13. Argentina: Choripán

Choripan is available as the street food and also in the restaurant of Argentina. The chorizo sausage is cut into half and put onto crusty bread. You can also add some amount of chimichurri and some grilled veggies on the top.