9 Myths About Eggs We Should Forget Forever


Myths about eggs-We can cook eggs in so many ways. We can hard boil the eggs, scramble the eggs, poach the eggs, and many more. There are many myths regarding eggs that are useful and even cause harm to us. According to some people, we should not eat eggs because there is high cholesterol present in eggs.

We will sort down everything through this article and will make you understand which myths are right and wrong about eggs.

People whose cholesterol level gets increased fast should not eat eggs.

9 Myths About Eggs We Should Forget Forever

We recommend the people with high cholesterol level should not eat certain products which continue to increase cholesterol. Such people should not eat eggs. There are more fat and cholesterol in egg yolks than the egg whites. All the fats are not bad. You should not eat three eggs in your breakfast daily, but you can have one egg. The people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases and diabetes should not consume more than three eggs a week.

If a person wants to lose weight, he should not eat egg yolks.

Some people afraid of getting fat, so they do not eat egg yolks. There are additional protein and useful substances present in egg yolks. These substances contribute to calcium absorption. Egg yolks also contain choline which ensures the excellent functioning of the liver.

Lutein and these substances are absent in the egg whites. According to the American Heart Association, you can include one egg a day for your healthy diet. It has gotten improved through the experiments that if you eat one egg in your breakfast, it will reduce the amount of food that you eat.

Raw eggs are healthier than the boiled eggs this is one of the myths about eggs

People used to eat raw eggs to grow up their muscles and reduce stomach acid. There is a very low risk of getting salmonellosis. Egg whites of fresh eggs do not get absorbed as well cooked. There is no absorption of biotin in the egg whites.

Brown eggs are better than the white eggs.

We usually hear that brown products are healthier than white products like brown bread and white bread. But this fact gets failed in case of eggs. According to studies, brown eggs are the same as white eggs. Click here to learn more about white and brown eggs

There are other factors on which the usefulness of eggs depends. A hen spent a lot of time in the sun, so its eggs contain 3-4 times more vitamin D.

Pastured hens’ eggs are better than caged hens.

This statement is controversial. There are more vitamins A, E, D and omega-3 are present in pastured eggs. These eggs suffer from diseases and even get injured than caged hens.

Pregnant women should not eat eggs.

It is a myth that if a pregnant woman eats eggs, then her child will suffer from face allergy. Eggs are a rich source of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals. So we recommend eating eggs along with fish, berries, beans, and grains. Pregnant women should not eat raw or undercooked eggs.

Children under one year should not eat eggs.

Around 2% of children in the world are allergic to eggs. Babies should eat protein-rich foods as they turn seven months. You can give two tbsps of it to your babies. You can add one by one such product in your babies’ diet. If within four days, the allergy does not occur, there is surety that everything is fine.

Eggs can get pasteurized at home.

You can pasteurize eggs at home with the help of heat. Heating the eggs is difficult than lowering the eggs into the boiling water. You need a piece of specific equipment to pasteurize the eggs which cannot get used at home.

Eggs should not get washed and stored in a fridge.

This fact depends on the country. In some states, people leave the eggs in the room; they do not store the eggs in the fridge. American, Japanese, and Australian manufacturers should wash the berries to prevent salmonellosis.

The natural protective layer gets lost when you wash the eggs. It is essential to keep the eggs in a cool place to keep them fresh and to prevent bacteria. European countries do not clean the eggs so that the natural protective layer does not get destroyed.