Now that you’ve joined a “recently engaged” club, and a lovely diamond is resting on your hand, it’s time to decide upon the second piece of jewellery. While some shops offer full bridal sets, many still sell wedding bands separately. That is probably why you visited our page. We will save the trouble of scouring numerous malls and present you with a short and handy guide on picking out a perfect wedding band:

If your engagement ring flaunts an original rock, an unusual shape or a daring metal, choosing a wedding band will be challenging. You’ll wear two bands together, so they should be in sync. That said, there are many details to consider and a plethora of choices to make.

According to the jewellery expert at GS Diamonds, the quintessential feature of any marvelous set is a cohesive look (you don’t want the clashing or overpowering effect). Ideally, an engagement ring should be the star of the show, ably underlined by a wedding band. Therefore, we suggest asking yourself these questions:

Do I prefer a uniform or an eclectic style?

Uniform style in rings implies the usage of similar mountings (contemporary or vintage), stones(gems or diamonds) and metals(precious or alternative). Eclectic style, on the contrary, is a mix of disparate materials and designs. They fall in to form an authentic vibe.

Eclectic style has become the season’s fad and has shown promising potential for the upcoming year. Two diverse bands can be a starting point to your fabulous personalized stack. Nonetheless, be careful with blending. To preserve the set harmony, include at least one linking element: identical width, color, etc.

Do I want the metal to match one in my engagement ring?

As a rule, wedding bands and engagement rings are made of the same metal. But you are more than welcome to drop this tradition and play with textures. The combination of white and rose gold makes a set appear daintier and more distinctive. Meanwhile, the white and yellow gold duo exudes a modernistic feel.

Shall my partner’s and mine bands look alike?

As we’ve mentioned before, it depends solemnly on your preferences. We are sure your future hubby wouldn’t mind a different shade of gold. Believe it or not, most men don’t pay that much attention to the metal. They focus on the message the ring carries. Plus, you can always get dissimilar bands but preserve one common feature – a bonding detail(same type of finish, same rock, shank width, and so on). Wedding is about getting what you truly desire, not kneeling in front of conformity.

Shall my wedding band fit neatly against the engagement ring, or do I leave some space between them? Shall I wear the duo together or on separate fingers?

In most cases, the answer depends on the mounting of your engagement ring. A high-profile setting offers space for a wedding band to sit snugly below the diamond with no gap. If you aren’t drawn to this concept,  wear two rings on separate hands or add cocktail bands to spice up your bridal set. Alternatively, stack the rings on the same finger, but wear them with a gap.

About settings:

While solitaire has a wide range of pairings, the same can’t be said about unconventional mountings. For instance, you won’t find a match for a halo or pave effortlessly. You should also ensure the width of your engagement ring and wedding band are the same or similar. For example, if the band of your engagement ring is thin, opt for a delicate wedding band as well. Below we’ve listed the most popular and demanded types of wedding bands that graciously magnify the appeal of your diamond.

Must-Know Wedding Band Varieties

Classic Wedding Bands

A classic wedding band is a befitting option if you don’t fancy spaced elements. It could be a plain metal band without any extravagances, an eternity band with a line of luminous diamonds running across its diameter and a channel-set wedding band with unique brilliant placement. Intertwined with the engagement ring, they forge a minimalistic ensemble.

Although an infinity wedding band will not rest completely flushed with your betrothal gift, you might still want to check it out. The curvy silhouette stuns with its radiance and attracts many shoppers. It is a safe bid if your engagement ring has a fancy-shaped stone. Peculiar cuts, like marquise or princess, can’t boast the most sparkle, so an infinite band is a great way to equal the imbalance.

Contoured Wedding Bands

If the mounting of your engagement ring isn’t raised and a band can’t sit underneath the center diamond, opt for a contoured wedding band. It is devised to mirror the curvature of your ring. Natural and elegant combination creates a pleasant twist to your bridal stack.

Notched Wedding Bands

Another item to grant a flush look is a notched wedding band. Together with the engagement ring, it resembles joined puzzle pieces. Instead of bending around, it remains utterly straight until the front, where there is a small groove for the accommodation of the main stone.

Accentuated Wedding Bands

Wedding bands adorned with diamonds are a stylish and offbeat option. If you favored a more practical design for your engagement ring, now is your chance to add some personality.

Choosing a Wedding Band Based on the Diamond Cut

Round-Cut Diamond

The most versatile and universal cut is undeniably the round. There are tons of gorgeous pairings for round diamonds. Regardless of which style you select, the bands won’t crash. You may even “go wild” and get a wedding ring with fancy shaped rock.

Princess-Cut Diamond

We recommend seeking a band with small round diamonds, like pave or an eternity band. Princess cuts lack glow because of their patterning. Adding rounds will certainly light things up.

Emerald-Cut Diamond

Emerald cut dazzles with its clarity and subdued sparkle. We suggest pairing your emerald engagement ring with a band featuring round or other fancy shaped diamonds such as oval marquise or pear for added brilliance. The two different shapes work together really well. If you want the one-of-a-kind duo, purchase an eternity ring and place it beneath the main stone.

Marquise-Cut Diamond

If your marquise stone isn’t mounted into a high setting, finding a band that nestles tightly against the ring will require some effort. A contoured band is arguably the best solution. It gracefully enclasps the elongated rock, mimicking its form.

Oval-Cut Diamond

For the maximum flash, pair an oval engagement ring with a band that comprises oval stones as well. To keep it interesting, consider an East-West design, in which stones are placed horizontally.

Pear-Cut Diamond

To achieve the exquisite finesse that lovers so desperately crave, combine a pear diamond ring with a contoured band. Let the center stone shine to its fullest.

Pro-tip: if you need any advice on picking a custom fit wedding band, contact the design team at GS Diamonds. These guys will be happy to guide you through the world of jewellery.

Here’s some food for thoughts ………..

Choosing a Wedding Band Based on a Mounting

Bezel Engagement ring

Given the avant-garde toned style of bezel ring, pair it with a classic wedding band without any embellishments or opt for the same setting. The latter will look astoundingly on a separate finger. Twin rings will complement each other, just like you and your partner do.

Halo Engagement Ring

Halos stand out on their own. However, you can further glamorize them with pave wedding rings. The brilliants in halo mounting usually sit a bit higher, so select a thin, sleek shank for your bands to match.

Three Stones Engagement Ring

The intriguing design of the three stones ring is beyond compare. It offers so much room for creativity. If you don’t want to distract from the beauty of your engagement ring, opt for a simple wedding band. For the extra flair, introduce diverse diamond shapes and colors. A mix of stones can depict both the boldness of modernity and the magic of antiquity.And if you ask us, a pave ring would be an excellent choice to adorn your love with.

The theory is important, but what’s more crucial is the shopping process itself. Visit reputable online jewellery stores and see if something catches your eye. Visualize how the band would look with your engagement ring, and you are good to go.