Simple Yet Amazing Photo Hacks That Can Turn Your Shot Into a Masterpiece


Here is photography hacks that will get you amazing result. Do you always struggle with the angles of a camera, the poses you should choose or just if the background is good enough for the click? Well, you have come to the right place. I am going to break down some simple hacks that you should try to take photos like a professional. I assure you that after going through the article, you will find all the solutions for that perfect click. Brace yourselves:

Pay attention to the background

Photography hacks that will get you amazing result

The background is an integral part of your photos. You do not want a pole sticking up your head in the photos. Pay attention to such minor details that can change the entire look of the pictures. Find a unique textured wall on the side of any building and pose like a pro in front of it. A coloured wall which can be found at so many places these days looks super cool and is the perfect background for your shot.

Be careful with close-ups

Close-ups are fit for only rare moments. Everyone does not know how to do a close-up the right way, and you end up looking like a hamster in your pictures. So, to avoid this keep the camera a little further away and wait for a much better shot.

One of the best photography hacks experiment with camera angles

Let’s assume that you are standing next to a beautiful building and you want to take a great shot of yourself while accommodating that building in the picture. The first option is obviously, the usual standing-in-front of the building and smiling. But if you want to have a little fun with the angles just grab the camera and take a selfie with an interesting angle which shows you and the building in a cute, playful manner. This changes the whole mood of the shot.

Do not always place an object in the centre

Sure, some shots that are sp perfect with beautiful objects in the middle of the screen; but try to place those objects at the side for once and see how fascinating the whole picture looks by this minute change. It will make your picture as enthralling as it gets.

Beauty is all around you

There are a lot of little interesting things lying outside of just selfies and poses. Find such shots around you and give the people a glimpse into this beautiful, diverse world. Think outside of just smiling and posing for photos. Find beauty in nature, architecture or any place that is unlikely to hold a masterpiece.

Catching the “good light”

Good lighting is the way to go for good photos. Notice the picture above and see how light plays an essential role in photography. The photo on the right has the model capturing the soft light grabbing all the attention to herself and leaving unnecessary details in the dark. You need to have the right amount of light either in front of you or (if you are experimenting) at the back. Also, remember to not go overboard with it.

The HDR mode is not always the correct way

The HDR mode takes away the natural element from your shots. It used to be popular back in the day but when realised that things can go wrong even with this mode, the popularity of the mode dropped, but some people refuse to give it away. To them, I would like to say that to stay away from unnecessary specifics in your photos stay away from the HDR mode.

Wait for the perfect moment for the perfect shot

Wait for a little moment to get that classic photo and pause for the chaos to end. A little patience is a key which will save you the time that you will spend photoshopping additional objects or people out of the frame afterwards.

Now you are all set to take beautiful shots from all around you. Take a moment and share some of your tips for a perfect shot in the comments below. The comment section is always welcome for new suggestions and your precious feedback.

Happy clicking!