Cookies That Will Take Less That 15 Minutes To Prepare And Will Blow Away Your Mind


Prepare cookies-What can be the best position for you instead of sitting on the sofa? Along with that, you have cuddled one cozy blanket over you sipping the tea, eating fresh cookies after a long time, and nibbling a few and the sweet. Well, many people argue to have possible condition with themselves. They do not have much time or the energy that would help them to bake the yummy food items.

We are all aware that you have small time for preparing the desserts. Hence we are with the solution for you that will help you with the delicious food in a short time. These cookies will be the favorite for preparing for the coming time.

Coconut cookies

How to prepare cookies in less than 15 minutes

For the preparation of the cookies you will need:

You will have to take 3.5 oz, or you can say 100 grams of the sugar along with the flour in the same quantity. Now buy around 7 oz or 200 grams of the coconut flakes. Well, the recipe will bring you to have approximately two eggs and the single teaspoon of the baking soda.

Directions to prepare them:

You need to beat the eggs in the sugar and mix them appropriately to perform the right mixture proportion. Now add the coconut flakes to it and mix them accurately. Now its the turn for baking powder and the flour to beat inside the cookie batter. Cooldown the dough for the next half an hour. Now it is the right time to get your hands a bit and then shape the cookies. Bake them at the 350F, or you can say 180 degrees centigrade for the next fifteen minutes.

Apple cookies

For the preparation of the cookies you will need:

You will need around 4 oz, or you can say 120 grams of the sugar along with a half teaspoon of the vanilla extract. Also, buy four eggs and 7 oz or 500 grams of margarine. Now its turn to buy 17 oz or 500 grams of the flour. Take a single teaspoon of the baking powder along with three apples.

Directions to prepare them:

At the first step, you need to take eggs, sugar, and vanilla. Now add up some amount of softened margarine and thus remix it in the right proportion. Now add a bit of the flour and the baking powder and therefore mix it with the help of the spoon. Now peel down the apples to cut it down in the form if the small cubes and thus add the same to the mixture batter you have prepared. Now put on the paste on the baking tray and turn on the baking parchment. But be very careful while putting the cookies. These must not be too close. Bake the batter on 400F for the next ten to fifteen minutes.

Sesame cookies

For the preparation of the cookies you will need:

For the making, you will need around 2,5 oz or the 70 grams of the flour along with 2 oz of the 60 grams of the butter. Now take 4 oz or say 120 grams of the sugar along with one egg and half a spoon of the vanilla extract. Now take one teaspoon of the lemon juice that must get freshly extracted. Now buy to have 5.5 oz or say 160 grams of the sesame seeds. Now take half a teaspoon of the baking powder along with the same amount of salt.

Directions to prepare cookies:

At the first step, you need to mix the flour, salt, and baking powder. Now add the soft butter to the sugar content as said above to take. Add the ingredients of vanilla, egg, and lemon juice to prepare a paste. Continue to whip it for the next twenty to thirty seconds. Now with the mild speed, you need to add the flour for the little quantity to the mixer. Also, in the separate, you need to mix up the sesame seeds along with the spatula.

You need to pre-heat the oven at 350F or say 180-degree centigrades. Also, now it is the right time to turn on the baking parchment on and to put the batter on the tray. One cookie must be around 3-4 cm apart because the cookies are going to spread. Bake them for the next eight to five minutes that depends upon the size.