The USA is one of the world’s top choice destinations for international students who are seeking a combination of intellectual and cross-cultural experiences. In fact, data from the 2019 Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange, shows that the US had over 1,095,299 international students last year.

Now, it isn’t a surprise that so many students choose to study in the US. It offers unparalleled educational opportunities thanks to the billions of dollars of funding for education, the cutting-edge innovation in the classrooms, and the unmatched living conditions in more than 4,700 campuses. But all these educational opportunities also come with a lot of complexity and confusion if you don’t understand the system. And, as an international student, you most likely feel very confused about to prepare for this study aboard experience correctly.

Like it or now, watching American college movies isn’t enough preparation. You must be ready for all academic and cultural differences to avoid experiencing significant hardships. Here are three tips on how to prepare for US academics and culture.

Find the right school

One of the most crucial factors that will make a difference in your overall studying abroad experience is the school you choose. You need to start by deciding what major you are interested in and what career path you want to follow. Next, look for those colleges that offer classes for the major you are interested in.

Now, searching on the Internet for recommendations from other students is an excellent way to see some relevant reviews. However, to find the best 美国留学机构, you should also pay attention to college rankings.

Next, make a list of all the universities you are interested in and apply for a study abroad program there.

Practice your English skills

One of the biggest cultural differences, no matter where in the world you come from, is the language. When studying in the US, expect that more than 90% of your classes will be held in English. Moreover, if you want to communicate with your classmates and the locals, you’ll have to use your English skills as well.

So, before packing your bags to go on your study abroad experience in the US, make sure that you practice your English skills thoroughly. You can read English books, watch American TV shows to improve your vocabulary and chat with other international students in English.

Connect with students at your future school

Another strategy to minimize the cultural shock you’ll face when you arrive in the US is to connect with some of your future classmates. In fact, what can be more comforting than a few familiar faces when you reach a completely new place?

Luckily, finding and connecting with students at your future school is really easy these days, thanks to social media. Most schools have embraced the technological revolution, so it won’t be difficult to find your future school’s social media accounts. From there, you can quickly identify students who go there. Also, you can search on social media for private student groups of that school and ask to join the group. Once you are accepted, all you have to do is to make some new friends.

Preparing to study in the US in advance is extremely important. It will help you adjust to US classrooms and culture a lot easier, and will, ultimately, contribute to the success of your overall studying abroad experience.

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