6 Signs Show That Your Relationship Will Not Last Longer


Relationship mistakes-We always get excited and passionate about new relationships. We fun with our partner and without analyzing each other’s behavior, we try to know each other. We need to pay attention to what is going on during the honeymoon phase despite your enthusiasm because your relationship can last longer with this technique.

Here we have a list of some early relationship mistakes which can occur in the future.

You put your personal life on hold.

6 Relationship mistakes that destroy your relationship

We want to spend every second of our experience with our partner at the beginning of the relationship. We stop talking with our friends and family so that we are always available for the partner.

Why it is bad:

We can start spending more time with our partner by giving up certain friends and then it will move to the job and losing contacts with our loved ones. In such a case, your partner may lose his interest in you.

How to fix it:

There should be some independence in a healthy relationship. So you should divide your free time according to the rule of 50-30-20. Spend 50% time with your partner, 30% time with your family and friends, and 20% alone.

You tolerate bad behavior.

There are a lot of things that you tolerate during your relationship. These things include making insensitive jokes, disrespecting you for getting some personal space, threatening to break up with you, giving you suggestions for various things, and ignoring you.

Why it is bad:

These are the warning signs in your relationship. If you ignore these signs then one day you will realize that you have wasted your time for a long time for the person who was mistreating you for so many years.

How to fix it:

You should politely express your expectations. You should not be so much demand. If your politeness does not work well then put your step back and never look back again.

You bring up your experience.

This thing includes your exes and comparing your partner with them.

Why it is bad:

If you mention your exes in your relationship, it can be annoying for your partner. It will ruin your relationship. You start judging your partner with your exes.

How to fix it:

You should not include your past relationships in the present. There is one golden rule that is “Never talk about your exes until the time you feel secure in your present relationship.”

You do not talk to each other this is one of the relationship mistakes you make

Many people think that their partners can read their minds and what they want; their partner will give it to them. But it is not a fact. It is the grave mistake that people make in their relationships.

Why it is bad:

There can be feelings of confusion because of a lack of communication.

How to fix it:

At the beginning of the relationship, you may feel uncomfortable and painful to speak with your partner. You should be honest with your partner to make your relationship strong. There should be a perfect balance between listening and speaking.

You idealize your partner.

Some of us forget about this process during our honeymoon period because we are still wearing our rose-colored glasses. We consider that our partners are perfect creatures. Later on, we have to pay for this.

Why it is bad:

There can be a disappointment in the future of your relationship if you put your partner on a pedestal.

How to fix it:

You should avoid holding the unrealistic high expectations from your partner. Instead of the expectations, you should pay attention to the way they treat others like their family, friends, waiters, and so on. You partner may be wearing the same rose-tinted glasses the same as you when they are with you. In this way, you will get some ideas of who they are.

You try to control your partner.

If you try to control your partner’s life, it means that you have trust issues in your relationship.

Why it is bad:

Your partner will feel that you are trying to control his life if you control every movement of his life.

How to fix it:

You should not text your partner in the early morning like at 2 a.m. to check out your partner.