Secrets of movie theaters-Most of us love to go to movies. We usually go to the movie theatre and after that dinner to celebrate our day. But the sad of the movie theatre is that the prices of food inside it can be very high. There are many things that we do not know about theatres. The people who work or have worked in such companies only know what happens inside them when there are no people, and just they are working.

Secrets of Movie Theaters

Secrets of Movie Theaters

Here we have some details which you must know about movie theatres.

1. Seats

Without knowing the reason, many people enjoy sitting in the back rows. You should sit in the middle rows because the engineers who calibrate the sounds do something that the sound is better from the middle seats of the room. If you sit in the front rows, you will not be comfortable there.

2. Cleaning

When one movie ends, then the next film is about to begin. So the employees have the short time to clean up the room. If we see the floors are sticky and dirty, It’s not their fault. They clean up the floors as they should. They do not have much time to clean up beautifully. Usually, they do the mopping and cleaning up of the rooms at nights.

3. Do not leave rubbish under the seat

It is common that people throw or keep the empty cans and boxes of popcorns under the seats. It makes the work of employees more difficult. You can either leave it on the chairs or can take with you to the entrance where there are garbage cans kept. You have to try this to make things easy for the workers who clean up the room.

4. The sound can be dangerous to your ears

The engineers always test the sound. Some rooms are been usually adjusted with soundtracks according to your liking. We should be cautious especially with the action movies. The sound or noise can exceed its limit in such movies as there are many fights and bombs.

5. The prices of popcorn

As we all know, the prices of food are always high in theatres. The food items cost more because the film industry does not earn much from movie tickets. So the film industry can make more money by selling different food items. According to the survey, the US large popcorn costs $8 approx. Whereas we even pay $1 for this in the market. It is something on which people spend a lot of money. The price of this item is so high that it can be even cheaper in restaurants.


6. Cupholders

Due to the lack of sugar during World war 2, the popcorn got introduced. And they stop selling sweets. After that, it became a tradition to eat crisps and watch a movie at the same time. The cupholders appeared in the year 1981. Its intention has helped to prevent many horrifying accidents by hold the drink of people in the room. That’s the reason, in the short time it has implemented the worldwide.

7. In love couples

The lovers go to cinemas for a date. The employees of the theatre have to throw a couple out of the room at least once a week. There are security cameras in all these facilities. The couples make others feel uncomfortable by hugging and kissing. So the employees remove them out of the room because they are doing wrong things.

8. Combos

As we want to enjoy the snacks when we go to a movie, The employees influence us with their advertisements that the combos will save their money. They will almost cost the same is we calculate it separately. If you but the smaller portions of the menu is the only way to save the money. You can not carry food from your home. It is illegal and does not look good if you do so.

9. Popcorn

Popcorns smell very nice. They add many flavours to the popcorns according to your taste. There are several reasons because of which popcorns smell good. There is the mixture of coconut and canola oils that they add to the popcorns, and they combine many additives according to our taste. Sometimes they also add cheese and caramel to popcorns.