Increasingly Korean dramas/serials (abbreviated as Kdramas) are becoming extremely popular worldwide with their interesting stories and excellent acting, direction, and production. Many fans of Kdramas would like to find out the most popular kdramas in 2022 so that they can watch them. Many students and young people are fans of the Semantic error kdrama, which has the theme of enemies to lovers. The kdrama is based on a webtoon series that originally had four episodes. The details of the semantic error, especially the story are described below so that kdrama fans can decide whether they would like to spend their time watching it.


The kdrama “Semantic Error” is set in a university in South Korea. Chu Sang Woo is a junior student, studying computer science. He is logical, honest, and abides by the rules and regulations for whatever he does. As part of the coursework, he is asked to do a group project with students from other departments, like the liberal arts. The other students in the group are aware that Woo is very hardworking, so they decide that they will not do any work for the group project. Woo completes the group project on his own and makes a final presentation. Since no one else has helped him in any way, he only uses his own name in the presentation, omitting the names of others.

When others in the group become aware that their name was omitted in the presentation, they are angry with Woo. Specifically, the academic career of a design student, Jang Jae Young, is adversely affected by Woo’s decision to omit his name since he is not able to study further abroad. Young is very popular in the university since he is very stylish and fun-loving. Upset that Woo did not include his name, Young decides to harass and mentally torture him to take revenge. Being popular and having many friends, Young understands people very well, what makes them happy and what angers them.

So Young purchases all the favorite drinks of Woo so that he cannot get the drink. Additionally, he wears clothes in the color red, which Woo hates every day. However, Woo requires an artist for his next project, and he is a fan of Young’s art. Though Young and Woo are enemies initially, they are gradually attracted to each other and become friends. This gradual transformation forms the rest of the popular kdrama.


The Semantic Error was first available on Viki in February 2022. The kdrama has a total of 8 episodes, and the duration of each episode is approximately 23 minutes. The web series is PG-13 rated and can be watched by teenagers above the age of 15. Kim Soo Jung is the director of this popular Kdrama, and Jason is the screenwriter. It is adapted from the Korean web novel of the same name by Jeo Soo Ri. The Korean drama is available in English and 20 other languages. This kdrama is extremely popular, especially for those who like stories about enemies becoming lovers, gay romances, and opposites attract.