Depression and mental disorders are some of the rising issues in the present day. The situation has been worse now and that’s the main reason which has caused a huge impact on many people. Many movements and awareness campaigns have been initiated by several organizations.
Social media has become the largest platform which is most useful for such campaigns. Recently, a fashion blogger has used this platform for spreading message related to this rising problem. Yasaman Gheidi from Vancouver, Canada is an exceptionally creative personality. Her posts represent a perfect appearance, costumes and hairstyle designs.

Behind her beautiful pictures and happy face, this fashion icon has been dealing with anxiety and depression due to which she was facing several obstacles in her daily life.

The stigma society has created surrounding mental health issues which distract the victims and forced them to stay silent and fake themselves in front of society. Yasaman was one among the victims.

According to one of her Instagram post, she started dealing with this problem when she had an anxiety attack.

She was worried how to face her subordinates and partner and deal with their upcoming questions.

Without giving it a second thought she answered that she was having a headache. But later on, she questioned herself that why is she hiding her anxiety problem? Is she ashamed of her illness knowing that it’s common these days? Why can’t she discuss her problem openly?

At that moment she decided to face her struggles openly and will also motivate the whole world to stand up and speak about their illness. That’s how “Inside Out Challenge” was raised.

She posted few videos depicting her challenges which she used to face in her daily life and how she fights against her anxiety and depression issues. According to her “it is all about starting a conversation and giving mental health a visual representation — as a way to end the stigma that surrounds it.”

She had challenged several people to paint their face depending on their mood and what the feel in order to represent their emotions openly as it’s not an open wound instead it is a broken arm which can’t be seen by others until and unless you emphasize upon it.

Ever since her challenge, she received hundreds of videos and images from people showcasing the battles they deal with every day.

She wishes to give a recognised face for mental illness so that those people who are not suffering from this disease can understand it in a better way.

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