Some Popular Facts About Cristiano Ronaldo For Non-FIFA Fans


Facts About Cristiano Ronaldo-Cristiano Ronaldo is the Portuguese professional footballer born on 5 February 1985. He is one of the best players in the world and is also one of the greatest players of all the time. Ronaldo is the one to win the four European Golden Shoes. After the treatment from his problem, he went senior club career playing for Sporting CP at the age of 18 years.

Now it is the occasion to celebrate his earnings in the football match against Spain. Cristian made a hat-trick against the team of Spain. Now you must be what the hat-trick is? Cristiano is a successful footballer wrote got the chance to get written his name on the golden book. According to FIFA, if a person makes three goals consistently in the single match form a hat-trick. Cristiano performed it with his hard work.

According to the World Cup records, it was the 51st hat-trick of the matches that Cristiano made. Also, it was the first hat-trick for the year 2018. And 2006 was the only World Cup without the only hat-trick. Among all the players who played the hat-trick, Christiano was oldest among them with 33 years and 130 days.

He will remain in most of the talks of the people for the next few days, week, or a few years to make such records. His country people are proud of him. But some of us are not the good fans of FIFA, and they do not want to know the leftover conversations about Christiano, and for them, we have gathered some basic facts to know more about the Portuguese athlete.

Every person who is very successful in his life mainly has a life story which is very interesting, and people are keen to know them efficiently. Some of those successful people become our ideals, and we follow their traped footsteps. It is up to us how much we care about us and their successful life. Let us read out some successful inner facts about Cristiano Ronaldo who has dreamt of being a footballer and completed it.

Some amazing facts about Cristiano Ronaldo you need to know

Christiano’s full name is Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro.

His father gave him Cristiano name after the name of the US president Ronald Reagan in 1985.

Cristiano is a great father who is having a lot of affection for his child.

In 2016, Cristiano supported UNICEF, Save The Children, World Vision, and for that he donated his entire 600,000 euro champions league bonus to charity

one of the best facts about Cristiano Ronaldo that He is the winner of the Best FIFA Men’s award in January 2017

Then he went to Real Madrid the capital city of Spain from Manchester, England with the plan of world record-breaking transfer fee of 94 million euros.

By earning he brought the $18.5 million apartments in Trump Tower in the New York City.

Also, in the previous years, he had been in the link with Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton.

We have many famous brands to buy clothes or other products. Christiano Ronaldo has his brand named- the CR7.

CR7 is the brand with the chain of hotels along with those of Portuguese hotel group Funchal in Portugal and Pestana in Lisbon.

He also has his museum which is in his hometown, and that is dedicated to his playing career.

Christiano Ronaldo is one of the worlds best and highest paid athlete since the year 2013.

Well, we always wish him luck for his future so that he can break the record, and reach on the highest level that the world can forget him ever in the lifetime. These people leave traces to fulfill the dreams of other people. Some of us get the lesson from them and always try to become like them forever. Walk on their footsteps and also do not forget to create new ways for yourself and leave the traces for others so that you become an ideal person for them. We wish you luck, and please do share your goals and your thoughts with us so that we can enhance them and fill you with confidence.