Some ancient beliefs are hard to believe and follow


Ancient myths-Every society has been tied up with some morals and belief. Although it is not new stuff as every society has some certain belief but the thing is that it is more than just a belief. We have a lot of things to believe and sometimes it is hard to believe that such kinds of beliefs exist. In Indian society, there are people, animals and some other contents which are tied up with the belief system or we can directly say them myths.

No society or era is bad but all we need to say is that the way of thinking. It is our perception of what we see and what we think. Conflicts are not in society or the people but they are in us. This is a very simple thing that problem does contain us but we contain them in ourselves. Here, we will talk about some crazy ancient myths which are in trend but hard to believe.

Ancient myths

There are millions of myths about the blue whale. Even some people regard that blue whales are not an animal but they are a kind of devil. People believe that blue whales are so giant that they can swallow a car and if they do not do the same, this is not a big deal to them as they put a strength to do. Strange enough! You won’t believe that it has been a myth only and there is no reality in that at all.

Blue whales are no doubt are very heavy and big in size but it does not mean that they are something else than an animal. The reality is that they are animal and nothing more than that.

  • Dogs are not supposed to see the colors

There has been an ancient myth about dogs and it seems very real that one is compelled to believe but it is not what it seems. People just believe and follow this myth due to insufficient knowledge. Okay, the myth is that the dogs cannot see the world with its color.

They are regarded as the color blind. Strange, are you believing the content? Are you getting sympathetic towards the poor creature? Do not think at all that this is the truth. There is no reality at all. I don’t know why people just believe these kinds of things but they do. The reality is that dogs are not actually color blind but they can see the world and its content with the colors. They are totally perfect in watching the world.

  • Ostrich commits suicide whenever it is alone

The ancient myths are that if an ostrich is scared and lonely, it commits suicide. How? People say that an ostrich puts its head under the sand or land and commits suicide. If I talk about my personal experience, I can easily say that this myth is too much ordinary and viral.

Even I saw my relatives believing this myth and sometimes I got confused as if this was a reality. This is totally wrong and I got to know about this myth by the researchers. Scientists do not believe this thing and they are totally against the people who convey the wrong psychological facts about the animals. Ostriches can run very fast if they got in the dangerous situation so why is there a need to commit suicide? Wake up guys as I did and stop following such wrong myths.

  • Elephants make noise while walking

Whenever we see someone walking noisily, we just say that he is walking like the elephants but this is wrong. Elephants walk silently and they do not make any kind of noise while walking so there is no need to relate them to the rude behavior.

  • Bull hates red color

People believe that the bulls give an angered response towards the red color. Many stories and tales reveal this myth but actually, this is not right. The bull does not respond against the red color but it responses whenever it s encouraging.

  • Suppressor postal has no noise

People believe that a suppressor pistol makes no noise while firing but this is not true. Whenever it is fired, it makes noise and people around the environment can hear the noise easily.

  • Two targets at one time

We watch movies and there are a lot of things which cannot happen in real life. It is shown that the hero of the movie shoots to people perfectly in a single moment but believe me it is impossible in real life.

  • Heartbeats can be revived

Movies! We can see this thing there only. Many movies show this myth for the happy endings but this totally wrong. Once the heart beats are missed, they can never be revived but in the dramatic movies, we see that the heartbeats of the hero or heroine are come back to alive by the defibrillator and there is always a happy ending. It is kind of funny, isn’t it? No physics, no biology, and no science only happy ending.

  • Parachute jumping and talking

Again in movies, we can see this kind of things that two people are talking clearly while parachute jumping but you can think yourself if you have ever studied physics. How can it possible that other person can hear very clearly while jumping when there is a great pressure of wind? This is impossible and this can happen only in the movies where the principles of physics are not applied at all.

  • Human does not use the whole brain

It is simply said that human beings cannot use the whole brain but they use only ten percent of Tehri brains. Do you know it just a funny thing and nothing more than that? Our mind works every moment and even when we are sleeping, our mind keeps working. While sleeping and dreaming our brain works perfectly. Basically, our brain is the most complicated structure of our body and there are still many things remain to study properly so how can we just say this thing? Okay, we say anyway but how are we supposed to believe that? It is like we are cracking scientific jokes.

  • Internet and eyesight

There is an ample amount of people who believe this myth that our eyesight is weakened if we study from the Internet. However, it is not wrong properly but we can say that the way of presentation is wrong. Our eyesight does not affect to study from the internet but they can weak from the lights of our phones, tablets or laptop.

  • Split ends can be finished easily

Split ends are the most painful thing for any girl and if she got stuck in that situation, she wants to yell aloud. Sometimes, we see that girls are so much frustrated and irritated that they can even kill someone. They do care a lot for that and it is good but there are ancient myths about this care, no, not exactly care but we can say that extraordinary care.

Girls think that they can remove their split ends by using shampoo or conditioner. Yes, they do but they do not know that this a myth only. They should know that shampoo and conditioner are not going to help them but one thing which can ever help them is trimming and cutting. They can trim their hair or they can take any kind of haircut to remove their split ends otherwise they can not do anything, especially with the shampoo and conditioner.

These are the common myths followed by the people and if you are one of the believers, this time for you to wake up and study the reality. I know sometimes we believe the things which cannot be true but we are compelled to believe in lack of appropriate knowledge but it doesn’t mean that we should be always in those things. We should search for the authentic contents.