Fashion conscious New Yorkers are knee deep in trade show season. Industry insiders from all over the world converge on NYC to engage in pleasantries and stare at each others shoes. Events of this magnitude require meticulous planning for some (it takes a lot of skill and expertise to pick out an outfit to make yourself look like you spent no time picking out your outfit). So for this SlamXStyle, we put together some pieces from our favorite brands being repped at the Agenda Trade Show.

10.Deep High Low Button Down

Alife Throwback Mesh Shorts

Diamond 98 Supply Crewneck

Grenco Science 40oz Van Original microG

Hall Of Fame Mercy Baseball Jersey

SSUR Down By Law Crew

Waters+Army Sag Harbor Camp Cap

Gourmet 35 Lite SP

Lemar and Dauley Parrot Bay Poly Crew

Stance Shaq/Penny Socks

Stussy Rigid Slim 5 Pocket Jeans