15 Pictures Taken At The Right Exact Moment


Taken the picture at the exact right moment-The internet is full of well-timed photos that are unique and surprising. These photos can be photo-bombing, illusions, etc. with the advent of digital cameras and smartphones, capturing the unexpected has become easy. The following pictures caught on camera are some of the best with a good dose of surprise. Enjoy!

Taken the picture at the exact right moment

1. Did the hawk create these sky trails?

Taken the picture at the exact right moment

Seeing jets or heavy wind gushes leave sky-trails is a familiar spectacle we see, but this hawk flying high up in the sky takes this phenomenon to another level. The perfectly timed photo gives the illusion that it was the hawk which created the trails.

2. Pigeons are timid creatures

Pigeons usually are very timid creatures. They don’t take more than a second to fly away when approached by human beings. Yet, here is a brave pigeon on top of a tanned man’s hat who’s reading a newspaper in the summer sun. Seems like the pigeon liked this man.

3. Expansive wings

Ever seen butterflies as beautiful as this sand-colored magnificence? Perched on a plant with its wings spread out, the expanse of its wings makes for the perfect, designer sunglass effect for the woman behind.

4. Lightning strikes

Nature is full of wonders. One such phenomenon is lightning and as fierce as it is, it is also one of the best natural events to occur. Photographers love capturing lightning over skyscrapers and landscapes. One such fantastic shot is of lightning that stuck at such a perfect angle; it looks like there’s a bolt coming out of the torch of the statue of liberty!