Some Quick Tests To Check Your Heath Problems


Tests to check your health problems-For you, we bring some quick test to evaluate the actual condition of your body. It is best to assess the problems as early as possible for you so that you can avoid harm and discomfort in future times.

Here we gathered some methods to keep yourself healthy and such that we can encourage you to do some tests.

Here are some quick tests to check your health problems


Some Quick Tests To Check Your Heath Problems

Amsler’s test one of the tests to check your health problems like eyesight it helps to find out that if your eyesight is less sharp. It is called the muscular degeneration, and we get to see it in the people more than the age of fifty years. It may also lead to complete blindness.

If you are going to perform the test, then it must be in the well-lit room, and you can put the picture ten to fifteen inches away from your eyes. While experimenting, you should not lean your forward or on the sides.

Look at the picture without blinking your eyes for ten seconds. Now you can do the same with another eye. If you can see all the lines even without any of the grey spots, then that means your retina is healthy. But if you get to look at some of the curves, then go to the doctor for checking.


Some Quick Tests To Check Your Heath Problems

For older adults, intense physical exercises are not ok and also these are not good for those who are suffering from cardiovascular conditions. Before you plan to do some physical activity, you must expect to do some of the simple tests.

First is to count down your pulse rate beats per minute and then do 20 squats. And again count your pulse once again. After you do squats and count down the pulse count down the number of beats if these are 25% more, then that means you are fine. But if you notice the difference of 25 to 50%, then that means your cardiovascular system is fragile. If for you the number of beats increases by 50% then that means you need to go to the doctor for a check-up.

Next, you can walk up the fourth floor but not by running but calmly and not slowly. And now you must count down your pulse and the beats in one minute.

The average beat rate is 120 per minute, but if you get more than 120 and you have the chest pain, then you need to see the doctor for the check-up.

No matter how intense physical exercise you are performing but you need to make sure that the higher heartbeat rate should not exceed the specified limit.


Stand straight as you do in the daily routine and ask one of your friends to watch you and let him judge that if you are standing by more than 45 degrees and the hip forward and then it will indicate that you have the severe spinal problem. If it is concave then again it is the pressing matter to think upon. And hence you must go to the doctor for the treatment.

One more test is there that can help you judge your posture of standing. Check if you have the rounded back. Take two pens and place your hands down alongside your body. If the pencils turn parallel to each other, then that means you are in the normal state. But if they are pointing, then it says you have the rounded back. You can better judge yourself by asking someone to take your photographs.

Take a ruler and place it from your earlobe to the shoulder and check if it is straight then that means your posture is right if it is not then you are standing in the wrong positions.

Respiratory System

The test will help you to find out if the functioning of your respiratory system is ok or not. It also checks the problems with the blood circulation and helps to get info regarding the oxygen distribution in your body.

For that, you need to take some deep breaths, and it is good if you will hold your breath with the help of your hand and then note down the time for the maximum you can keep your nose. If it is 40 seconds for men and 30 seconds for women, then it is normal breathing.