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Isn’t it a good feeling when a person can win something like a brand-new car or an all-expenses-paid trip to the destination of their dreams? This experience is unparalleled – especially when all they did was answer a question from a quiz or share a social media post, for instance. This could be a form of sweepstakes.

According to, around 55 million Americans participate in sweepstakes annually. That’s a huge number! And that’s not all. With the availability of online sweepstakes where people can join in from anywhere, this number is even higher.

If you are a business-minded individual, you will see this popularity as an opportunity for you to run a sweepstakes business. Sweepstakes are big, lucrative, and in demand. And to help you finally make a choice, this story shall introduce you to the most compelling reasons why you waste no time and venture into this business once and for all. Plus, a hint about the best choice for a software for your sweepstakes business — from RiverSweeps. Excited? Read on!

1. Fulfill Your Marketing Goals Better

Running and managing a sweepstakes business, or even just a sweepstakes offer as part of your more extensive catalog, will give your customers a way to invest themselves in your brand. Thus, this supports a plethora of marketing goals, from product launches to collecting live data.

  • Product launches – Sweepstakes have the power to drive new product launches, thereby attracting more attention to your brand. You’ll also be able to drive more traffic to your website or app.
  • Encourage more purchases – Incentives and prizes earned by participating in sweepstakes can generate more sales. More people will be interested in purchasing your product if they can win something for free, like a free car, just by joining a sweepstakes contest.
  • Repeat by re-engaging – Want to hear back from customers who stopped purchasing your products? Why don’t you invite them back with a fun and straightforward opportunity to make them revisit your brand?
  • Referrals – Customers are likely to share about your sweepstakes promo if they realize it is legitimate, as they won something from it. When they share about your promo, they also market your business.
  • Reviews – Among the things that will attract new customers to your business is when they read good reviews written about it. Motivate your audience to share a good review about your business as you promise them some freebies in the end.
  • Collect live data for actionable results – Sweepstakes contests usually collect personal information from participants. This way, you have an instant lead list and data you can use to steer your business into performing better.

2. Acquire A Great Deal Of Shares

Did you know sweepstakes are also a money saver for your business? Yes. Sweepstakes is a cost-effective way to promote not just your brand but also your products, services, and your company as a whole.

For instance, sweepstakes pages and social media can pick up your promotional offer if they think it is a win-win. Sure, you may have little control over the things they share, but this can still drive brand awareness and traffic to your site.

3. Get New Leads In The Funnel

Venturing into a sweepstakes business is hitting two birds with one stone. When you get your participants signing up for your promotional offer, you also have a list of leads. You can use these to contact your participants in the future and offer them products you know they will enjoy.

Also, when you ask for their information, make sure you include an opt-in where they choose whether they want to receive new updates from your business via their emails. Then, use the sweepstakes as an opportunity to ask more detailed questions. The data you gather will help you build more relevant campaigns for these individuals.

4. Enjoy A Surge In Website Traffic

Sweepstakes also motivate people to visit the website of the business providing it. Thus, more people can learn more about what else you offer. The fact that you require your participants to fill out a form on your website is already considered traffic. But of course, remember that you have to build a beautiful and engaging website.

5. Have A Roster Of Brand Ambassadors

A well-run sweepstakes content can turn those who submitted their entries or participated into instant brand ambassadors. What’s more, you don’t need to particularly urge them to share about your brand.

Why it’s instant? Well, for example, a participant in your sweepstakes won a brand-new car. Of course, more often than not, they will brag about it to their social media friends and networks and even impress them more by telling them they won it from you. You’ll then have more people interested in knowing more about your business and the sweepstakes you are running.

6. Drive Sales

Are you familiar with those promos that tell customers they can win prizes if they buy more of your products? Leveraging sweepstakes with the products you offer can encourage sales. And you want this more than anything for your business.

7. Promote New Products

Have new products in your catalog? There is no better way to generate buzz than by offering customers an opportunity to win one of those new products by encouraging them to participate in your sweepstakes and contests. This way, you are doing two things – you give them access to these products, and you become a catalyst for them to have fun.

For example, you can announce a sweepstakes that asks participants to visit your website or watch a promotional video where they can find an entry code. They can then use this entry code to gain access to a separate sweepstakes site where they can enter to grab a chance to win a free vacation, free car, or free appliances, name it. As a result, you made them see your website and know what else you offer.

Sweepstakes Software With RiverSweeps

You have just been equipped with the best reasons why you shouldn’t think twice about starting a sweepstakes business. However, starting one does not happen in a snap. You are required to have a tool like sweepstakes software. And when it comes to the best sweepstakes software, consider those that RiverSweeps provides.

RiverSweeps takes care of the fun and prizes that will entice your customers, so you can sit back and relax and get the income. RiverSweeps complies with all legal requirements and has several promotional games in its catalog. Plus, there is no large investment required.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get going with that sweepstakes business!