The magical powers of a mother in pictures

The magical powers of a mother in pictures


The magical powers of a mother-Words fall short when it comes to describing your mother. Even if you make use of your whole dictionary, you will find it impossible to fit in all the adjectives to picture her right. So as actions speak louder than words, here are some illustrations that will speak for themselves.

Motherhood is quite a precious phase of life, yet it is not so easy as you suppose it to be. Howbeit, our mothers, have this supernatural ability to make everything simple and bright.

Scroll down and acknowledge the extraordinary powers of your mother in this ordinary world.

#1 Mothers are always on time

The magical powers of a mother in pictures

Be it getting up early and pack your lunch for your high school, college or office days; your mother is always on time. There might have been times when she felt weak but didn’t stop her from letting you have her handmade dishes. She would see to it that all your needs are fulfilled in the fullness of time. That’s why the most amazing quality you pick up from your mother is punctuality.

#2 Mothers can turn a frown into a smile

The magical powers of a mother in pictures

Have you ever felt low and talked about it with your mother? Stay as grumpy you might be, but that one phrase or sentence from your mother is sure to make you feel perfectly light and cheerful. Looking at her beautifully innocent smile, you forget your worries and troubles and laugh out loud. Not only you, but even your kids must have felt their sadness turn into a wide smile when they sit down with their granny.

#3 Get healed by your mother’s hug

The magical powers of a mother in pictures

Every time you fall sick, get wounded or hurt, or lonely, the first word you utter and think about is your mum. A Teddy is a teddy. But is no warmer and magical than your mom’s caress and a bear hug. You feel positive vibes dashing through you as you embrace her. Truly, you won’t get a much peaceful sleep than that on your mother’s lap!

#4 Ever came across a better multi-tasking person than your mom?

The magical powers of a mother in pictures

Now, you might have done multiple jobs at the same time. However, it might not turn out as smoothly as your mother manages. Be it putting you to sleep, preparing food, talking over the phone, or washing away all clothes, even the minutest task is carried out with utmost care and fidelity.

#5 Staying awake for you

The magical powers of a mother in pictures

Think about how much sleepless nights your mum might have passed through. From your toddler days to the times you were sick, she made sure that you slept soundly before she dozed off herself. You might have even tiptoed from your late-night gatherings or office work. Nevertheless, it was always your mother who stayed wide awake until you reached home safely.

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#6 Mothers stand by your day in and day out

A mother’s advice is the best advice in the world. In times of trouble, if you look up to your mother, she would be ever ready to support and motivate you. Remember the days when you fell back from asking your dad something in fear of scolding, while your mum managed that way too easy for you? Come what may, mothers have this sixth sense by which they could tell when you are sad, or something wrong is about to strike. She is always ready with a solution to every hurdle.

#7 Mothers know everything

Even before you open your mouth to speak up, you convey all you want to say to your mother. Yeah, she carried you for nine months. She knows you through and through. She can simply tell what’s bothering you by just a look.

#8 Mothers create marvelous events


Be it a family function or your birthday party or your wedding celebration; your mum makes sure that everything goes well and smoothly. She is the best manager a company could ever ask for. Nonetheless, she devotes herself completely and delivers her best to her family’s needs. You could be sure to enjoy your trips pretty well when hanging out with your mother.

Forget the captivation that struck you about the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It was just a fantasy world. But if in the real world, someone asks you about magic, your first thought is about your mother. Yes, it is rightly called Mom’s magic! Be you a boy or a girl, your dad could be your hero, but only your mother will be your all in all. A mother’s love is as pure as the driven snow.