Kindness by a teenager-When you wake up in the morning and hold the newspaper in your hands or open your tv and, start reading the news, it’s then when you realize that humanity is fading away from this world. Rape cases, theft, and inhuman treatments given to the people living in the earth make us believe that things are just changing for the worst and that there is no act of kindness and love left for the people to do.

This is how a kindness by a teenager inspires a million internet users.

This Act Of Kindness By A Teenager Inspires A Million Internet Users Here's The Story

But still, some people want to make this world a better place to live in. It his is a jaw-dropping story of a girl name Violetta Nikolskaya who just graduated from high school, 18 years old and lives in Perm, Russia. She aspires to be a physical education teacher.

This man, Anatoly, a working-class man who lived with his mother and his wife in an average apartment. In 2004, his mother passed away and, after that, another tragic event took place which took his wife away from him. Later, his nephew came to live with him, but after some time he kicked him out onto the streets with no help and support. His nephew did so because he wanted to marry a girl and didn’t have a room for his uncle for him to live.

With his minimum income, he was able to manage to live in a shabby and an old hut and, couldn’t afford anything above. But, things became even mor4e worse for him when the shelter was demolished and, he was thrown on the streets again.

Anatoly had a stroke in July 2018.  A stranger took him to the hospital after seeing him lying in the bushes. The treatment went on for seven days when the doctors finally declared that he can now leave the hospital. When Anatoly exclaimed that he had nowhere to go, he got a reply ” It’s not our problem.”

But, as the fate would have it, Violetta was going around with her friends when she saw Anatoly sitting outside of the houses nearby. She went towards him, talked to him, and the man told her the entire story.

While he was explaining her everything, he was devoid of any hope. He has given up on everything. But, they both didn’t know that destiny has something else for both of them. After listening to his story, Violetta was touched and wanted to do something for this men. She uploaded a picture on Instagram and, there were thousands of people who were ready to help them. Violetta, with the help of other people, rented an apartment for the old a[man and gave him all the things that he would need for his survival like food, clothes, phone, medicines etc.

Anatoly is happy in his new apartment, and Violetta visits him almost every day. She is always eager to step forward and take care of his ” uncle, Tolya.” Also, Violetta is attempting to help his uncle undergo a complete medical checkup to ensure that he is in good health and, she is trying to help him with his pension.

After things have lined up correctly, Anatoly wants to take Violetta on a small trip or fishing maybe.

Still, some people want to change this world with their love and kindness. This teenager girl has given new rays of hope to the world. Nothing will change unless you do. So make sure that whenever you see a stranger in need, you give your 100 percent and help them in every way possible.