Tips to save you the trouble of washing your hair regularly-Hair is one of the peculiarities of a woman’s beauty. It is a symbol of feminism. You might be willing to have long and gorgeous hair, but at the same time, might not be having enough will and time to take care of them. If you don’t wash your hair from time to time, you may suffer from the problem of  Greasiness and dirty hair which will ultimately lead to hair fall. Also, if you wash your hair too often, you need to change this. Washing hair too much results in damaged hair follicles and breakage of hair direct from the root. So, what should you do then?

Here are a few tips to save you the trouble of washing your hair regularly and at the same time, treat your dirty, greasy hair.

Use the formula ‘Less Is More.’

Tips to save you the trouble of washing your hair regularly

The hair products that you use on a regular basis like shampoo and conditioner might seem to have a positive impact on your hair in the short run, but, when we talk about the long run, all they do is damage your hair! These products are full of chemicals which are harmful to your hair. So go easy on hair products. Use a good quality mild shampoo and conditioner in limited quantity.

Working out doesn’t make your hair dirty!

If you think that work out makes your hair more greasy and dirty, it is not so. It is just your myth. In case you still feel that your hair has become dirty, use a dry shampoo instead of the regular one.

Stop touching them too often!

Touching your hair too often will make them lose their bounce and shine. So avoid running your fingers through your hair as much as you can. This will prevent your hair from becoming greasy, and you’ll experience less hair fall. Not touching your hair will solve half of your hair problems.

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Shower cap is a must!

Develop a habit of wearing shower cap everytime you take a bath. Shower cap will not only keep your hair dry but also save them from breaking down. The steam from the hot water makes our hair prone to breakage. So it is better to wear a shower cap.

Dry shampoo is a lifesaver!

Dry shampoo smells more pleasant and cleans our hair in just a few minutes. It is, therefore, better than the normal wet shampoo. Dry shampoo maintains the bounce and shine of the hair. It is very easy to apply. Just comb down your hair properly, part them, and apply the dry shampoo directly onto your hair.

A better way to use dry shampoo.

If you wish to use dry shampoo like a pro, firstly, damp your hair strands. After that, apply the dry shampoo directly on your hair and use a blow dryer to dry your hair. Dry shampoo is a boon for your hair as it is easy to use, doesn’t damage your hair and keeps them shiny and bouncy for a very long period.