Tips to stay healthy while traveling-Travelling the places, you have never been before and exploring the untouched is enough to bring the adrenaline rush. But as they say, a healthy body is the epitome of peaceful mind, maintaining it becomes essential. Travelling is indeed amazing, but it is also stressful and sometimes detrimental to health. Therefore, staying healthy and maintaining the poise is necessary to make the voyage more enjoyable and fun.

So, keep the following points under the belt and stay healthy while traveling

• Take enough sleep- A sound sleep relaxes the body and de-stress it. When travelling makes the body tired and exhausted a sound sleep comes to rescue. Travelling could be harsh to the body when you have to voyage long distances with your luggage. So listen to your body and take rest whenever needed so that you feel more rejuvenated for the next hours.

Tips to stay healthy while traveling

• Walk whenever you can- Walking is healthy and a lot more adventurous if you are in an unseen place. It gives you the real essence of the area and helps getting a sneak peak of the local life. Also, avoiding escalators and lifts and preferring stairs in the shopping malls and metro stations will solve the purpose of remaining fit while traveling.

• Don’t skip your exercise routine- If you follow some exercises on a daily basis try not to escape them while traveling. These days getting a temporary pass for the local gym is also possible. If you don’t prefer gym perform yoga, pushups, sit ups, stretching, jumping jacks and other easy to perform exercises in the room for few minutes to remain active.

• Breakfast is a must- Breakfast is the most important meal of the day which gives an instant boost and energy for the whole day. If you are waking up late, try to eat something light in the breakfast. Do not go straight to the lunch. Try all the local cuisine but never skip the breakfast.

• More veggies less meat- A vegetarian diet is healthy and easy to digest. You don’t want to upset your stomach while traveling and spend your time in the loo. Therefore, try to pick vegetarian dishes and balance it with a good amount of salad. A fibrous and easily digestible diet is considered best to have while traveling.

• Munch on fruits- No matter where you go you can easily find fruits in any grocery store. They are easy to carry in the bags and munch whenever hunger pangs resume. From apples, bananas, oranges to guava and berries, all are nutritious, come in ready-to-eat form and endow the desired energy to the body.

• Remain hydrated- A water bottle should become a must-have item in your bag. No matter where you are going- to the local market or far off places having your own water bottle will keep you hydrated throughout. Drink as much water as you can and let all the toxins flush out by their own.

• Keep alcohol and sweet drinks at bay- While traveling try to control your desire for alcoholic beverages and sweet drinks. While alcohol disrupts the sleep, sweet drinks elevate the sugar and calorie intake in the body. Both these situations are harmful if you are not in your comfort zone that is your home and are traveling. Keep your sanity intact while traveling and say no to alcohol.

• Use hand sanitizers- Keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your bag always. You never know with whom you are coming in contact. People, things, eatables, doors, vehicles all carry infectious viruses. So keep sanitizing your hands at regular interval to escape the chances of getting infections, allergies and other dreadful diseases. Make sure you clean your hands before and after the meals.

• Safeguard your skin- Skin is that part of the body which gets damaged maximally while traveling. Therefore, shielding it with a high-quality sunscreen with minimum SPF 15 combat the effects of harmful sun rays. Also, cover the skin with skin repellents if you are traveling in the areas prone to it.

Vacationing with family, road trips with friends and expeditions with adventurous buddies- these are all that makes life meaningful. But staying healthy while traveling is utmost essential to enjoy every essence of the holiday. So always try to retain your fitness to get the most out of your escapades. Have a Happy and Safe Travelling!