Top Five Travel Destinations for Music Lovers

Travel destination for music lovers

Travel destination for music lovers-It is said that music has a connection to the soul and for some people; it is proved to be a powerful element of inspiration, motivation and a force to bring people together. But have you ever wondered about where your favorite music originated or have you ever thought about the places that have inspired your favorite musicians to compose perfect music? Well, there is a number of destinations you can visit to just do that. The following are five travel destinations that a music lover will love.

Travel destination for music lovers


In the 1960s during the Merseybeat era, the Fab Four visited Liverpool and left it with everlasting legacy. The band Fab Four started their career Cavern pub and Cavern club that are located on Matthew Street. You can enjoy live music while toasting with your boys.

In addition to this, a colorful bus tour can take you to the spots such as Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields that are inspired by Fab Four’s hits. Music Lovers from all around the world visit the Liverpool museum. The place is also known by the name Beatles.

EDC, Las Vegas, Nevada:

EDC stands for Electric Daisy Carnival that is probably the biggest electronic music festival held every year in U.S, Las Vegas. Well, known DJ’s such as Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike and Tiesto and different electronic dance makers are featured in the carnival; although, the same festivals are also held in other countries such as India, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, and Rico. The Festival was awarded as the festival of the year in 2017 at Electronic Music Awards. The upcoming Electric Daisy Carnival will commence between 17-19 2019 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

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Salt Lake City, Utah:

Salt Lake City is the largest city of Utah where music has flourished in the last decade by the clubs where Utah’s best live bands play music for their fans. For live music sessions, you should visit Urban Lounge, The State Room, Kilby Court, The Depot and The Complex to get yourself entertained by new music, old music, and live music.

Be an Irish Rover:

Take out some time to visit Ireland’s west coast where the power of music is part of everyday life. For a long time, almost later era of the 20th Century, storytelling and music was a central part of life. Generations after generations, people in Ireland teach their kids to play traditional instruments such as fiddle, bodhran, and uilleann pipes. Annually a festival is organized where they play and contest at Fleadh. In large cities like Galway, pubs and other restaurants showcase the city’s musical talent. You can also visit small cities or villages where you can entertain your soul with authentic traditional music.

Poptastic holiday?! Try Visiting Sweden:

Do you know that Sweden is the largest exporter of pop music? Well, yes it is and at Stockholm, a museum named after one of the known sensations of pop music ABBA is present where you can see memorabilia, gold records, and outlandish costumes. Visitors are also allowed to sing at a polar studio and enjoy hologram illusion. Do not forget to visit the Swedish Hall of Fame where you can explore more about the country’s music and its legends.

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Top Five Travel Destinations for Music Lovers

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