8 Best Ways That States Makeup Is Going To Change In Upcoming Year


Upcoming makeup trends-Well, we are all aware that Kim Kardashian is the perfect fashionista who knows perfectly how to draw a cat-eye makeup even without looking in the mirror. But the skills that we have defined will not be much use for us in 2019. It is because, with the changing time, the trend in the market also changes. These new upcoming will replace the old one. It would be easy for you to find in the article we have written for you.

You will even notice these changes during the time of the party. The rules are by the makeup artists who are ready to set some standards for makeup in the upcoming year. Well, you would have to reconsider it.

Blush instead of contouring

Upcoming makeup trends

What are the upcoming makeup trends

Well, it is not again the first time when the makeup artists will not prefer to reject the matter of contouring in routine life. And now the year 2019 has become the next year in which you can attempt to ignore the popular trend. These days, blush will be taking up the whole cheeks, and it is going to replace the working of contouring.

Makeup without using makeup

In this category, we are here to make changes in the textures. The makeup foundation that is dense, you can replace them with the transparent ones. It is all because of a motto which says be natural with your beauty. Well, it would be even more exciting for you because the invisible makeup will give you healthy skin. It is all because of the cosmetics to provide proper recognition to it. Well, now it comes to eyes. Eyes must be expressive always. And here the artists have gone up with the trick. The shade of concealer must be three shades darker than that of your skin. You need to apply it to the eyelids and not to eyeshadow.

No lip augmentation

It is the shade of lips to move through the great revolution in 2019. The artists want to convey a message that it is good to be natural and real. Do not go to using cosmetics and cosmetologist. Thus you must primarily focus on the upcoming year. It will be to stop going beyond the contouring of the lips.

Radiance of the skin

Well, fashionistas have used a lot of highlighters in 2018 to turn their face glowing and shining. Girls want something new and fashionable on the front. You can get everything from space. The upcoming year will be a bit promising for you to alert the situation and then correct it out. The correction that you would require to make is to give priority to your face. It must provide a natural and healthy radiance.

Go for matte and bright eyeshadows instead of shining ones.

Well, it is true that many people would find makeup to be boring with the previous rules. But it is not that true. You must remember the law which says you must highlight at least portion which can be either lips or the eyelids. And for the upcoming year, we will go with your eyes. Go for using the bright but matte eyeshadows. It is because this time the true face is going to be in the trend.

Go with casual makeup, not with the Instagram one.

Don’t go with the precise and rigid lines for enhancing your facial features. Now you must go with the effect of yesterday makeup. It has been back into trend these days. Makeup has turned to be imperfect in many cases. It must not be precise. It would happen that the makeup artist would give you some time which would even ensure the feeling of self-confidence when you will implement the rules.

Preference to the brown lipsticks

Well, there is the comeback of brown lipstick that was first popular in the 1990s. It will get the lead by pink, wine, and nude shades. Also, in case you wanted to buy a red lipstick, you must go with the darkness that suits your face tone. Don’t go with anything you like. It must go with your personality.

Back in trend to highlight the lower lash line

Till date, we knew that commonly black, brown, and gray eyeliners were in the trend. But these days,t eh collection of every rainbow colored liner is in direction. You will find different shades of the coating in every girl bag. But forget with your choice because brown and black and being in the trend once again.