Have you decided that now is the time for you to finally quit smoking and make the switch to vaping? If so, you’re going to see a very different selection of devices depending on where you shop. If you go to a convenience store or gas station, you’ll see devices with pre-filled pods such as the JUUL. If you go to a vape shop like buyv2cigs.co.uk, though, you’ll see refillable devices.

Pre-filled and refillable vaping devices can both provide a wonderful vaping experience that’s completely user-friendly and appropriate for newbies. Different types of vaping devices, however, tend to appeal to different types of people.

Do you like the idea of a vaping experience that’s completely simple and never asks anything from you except that you keep the battery charged? If that’s the case, you’ll probably prefer a vaping device with pre-filled pods.

While pre-filled vaping systems certainly have plenty of benefits – just ask JUUL’s millions of dedicated users – refillable systems are arguably the better way to vape. The only element of added effort is the fact that you’ll need to fill your own pods, but in return for that little bit of extra effort, your vaping experience will be better in almost every way.

So, what makes refillable pod systems better than pre-filled systems like JUUL? Let’s learn more.

Refillable Pod Systems Offer a Better Flavor Selection

In early 2020, the U.S. government banned pre-filled vaping pods and cartridges in flavors other than tobacco and menthol. Even before then, though, pre-filled vape pods were very limited in terms of the flavors that they offered. No manufacturer offered pre-filled pods in more than about eight different flavors – and now, aside from tobacco and menthol variations, no manufacturer offers more than two flavors.

The U.S. ban on flavored vaping pods does not apply to bottled e-liquid, which remains available in hundreds of different flavors. Wide-scale surveys of the vaping community have proved that, for those who have been able to quit smoking and switch to full-time vaping, the flavor is an extremely important feature that makes vaping satisfying and fun. You are much more likely to switch successfully if you choose a device that allows you to use whatever e-liquid flavor you like. You can also try these non tobacco pouches if you are looking for an alternative for vape or e-cigarettes.

Refillable Pod Systems Let You Control Your Nicotine Intake

One of the major shortcomings of pre-filled pod systems is that they limit your ability to control your nicotine intake. JUUL, for example, is only available in nicotine strengths of 5 percent and 3 percent in the United States. Both of those nicotine strengths are extremely high and deliver nicotine to the body almost as quickly as tobacco cigarettes. That’s a good thing when you’re trying to quit smoking, but you may not want to use that amount of nicotine forever.

If you use a refillable pod system, you can buy bottled e-liquid in the nicotine strength of your choice. Bottled e-liquid is available in a wide variety of nicotine strengths ranging from the same 5-percent strength as JUUL all the way down to no nicotine. You can, in fact, use a refillable pod system to dial down your own nicotine intake until you’re no longer using nicotine at all. There’s no easy way to do that with pre-filled pods.

Refillable Pod Systems Offer Modern Styling and Features

As popular as the JUUL vaping system may be, it’s important to remember that it was originally released in 2015 and has changed little since then. Compared to modern vaping devices, JUUL looks old – and that’s because it is old. Newer vaping devices have updated styling, and they also have updated features under the hood.

This is a sampling of the features that you’ll find in some newer refillable pod vaping systems. The JUUL vaping system has none of these features.

  • The ability to connect the device to your computer and adjust the device’s settings or download the updated firmware
  • The ability to save your “perfect puff” and repeat the characteristics of that puff as many times as you like
  • The ability to vary your device’s wattage, thus customizing vapor volume and temperature
  • The ability to replace your device’s atomizer coil rather than replacing the entire pod, thus reducing your recurring costs
  • The ability to change your vaping experience by installing different types of atomizer coils

If you’d like to have the most modern vaping experience possible, you won’t get that with the JUUL because the JUUL is essentially the same device today that it was in 2015.

Refillable Pod Systems Have Lower Recurring Costs

Aside from the fact that a refillable pod system gives you the best possible flavor variety, the most important feature of refillable systems is that they cost dramatically less than vaping systems with pre-filled pods.

To illustrate that point, consider that the standard retail price for a package of JUUL pods is around $16. For that price, you get four pods containing 0.7 ml of e-liquid each. So, you’re paying $4 per day to vape – and that’s only if a pod lasts through an entire day of vaping. Some people use more than one JUUL pod per day, and those people pay more to vape than they would pay to smoke.

Now, consider the fact that a typical bottle of nicotine salt e-liquid has around the same price as a pack of JUUL pods and contains 30 ml of e-liquid. That’s the equivalent of 42 JUUL pods, so unless you’re using a quarter of the bottle per day – which you almost certainly won’t – bottled e-liquid will definitely be less expensive for you than JUUL pods would be.

When you use a refillable pod system, you also need to buy new pods or atomizer coils periodically. You don’t have to worry about that with the JUUL because each pod is designed for only one use. With a refillable system, though, you’ll notice a change in flavor as you continue reusing the same pod. When you’re no longer happy with your vaping experience, it’s time for a new pod. Most pods can be refilled many times, though, making the expense of replacement pods trivial.