8 Tricks You Can Spot Fake Designer Handbag


Spot a fake handbag-You may want to buy a particular handbag for such a long time and had your eyes on it. You may be saving your money to buy it. And finally, you have much money to buy the new branded handbag. Some so many retailers may eager to sell you the replica of the bag. They may have a fake copy of this designer bag. You should collect all the necessary details in buying the handbag.

We are here to guide you on how to choose the right thing, and that will prevent you from buying replica items.

Attention to details

8 Ways to spot a fake handbag

The worldwide famous branded items are checked very carefully for the defects before they get released. On the branded items, there should be no loose threads, stitches should be perfect, and there should not be any imperfection.

All worth designer bags are handmade so do not listen to the sellers for their manufacturing defects. Do not rely upon their stories. In the authentic handbags, there are no such manufacturing defects.

Pay attention at clasps, buttons, and zippers to spot a fake handbag

You should even pay attention to the small things like buttons, metal clasps, zipper. Plates pull, and locks of the handbags. The quality of the handbags should be perfect, and there should be a name and number printed on the bags. The name and the number on the bags are the signs of their best quality.

For example, there is a stamped logo with ‘Hermes Paris made in France’ on every Hermes bag and the back of these bags, there is another stamp that is indicating the year and material used in the bag.


The rugged leather is not used in the famously branded bags. In these bags, high-quality and beautiful materials are used. The leather items should not be oily or sticky. Some of the designer bags can be soft and flexible according to their shape.

Brand names

Sometimes we go through too many in-depth details and leave behind the main thing that is the name of the brand. The name of the brands on the fake items may be printed in different letters, font, and they even may be misspelled. You should always giveaway labels and tags on the bags.

Serial number

The most important mark of authentication of the products is their serial number. The label of the product with the figure is sealed and get particularly attached to them. It may be impossible to remove them without doing any damage to them. The fake products usually have stickers on the products with a number that may e glued on the surface of the product.


You should always keep one thing in mind that the expensive handbags have costly packaging that is made up of high-quality materials. The packaging in which your purse comes to you should not have any color defects. There should be proper packaging of all the additional accessories of the whole set of the bag. These accessories are not offered for extra payment; these are like gifts.

Distinct characteristics

You should try to do a little research before visiting any store to buy the handbag. You should research the specific attributes of the brand of the bag that you choose. You should always keep in mind that the different brands have different characteristics.

Take an example of Prada items; the real Prada items will never use contrasting colors for the lining as compared to the exterior color of their object. The one most important thing that you all should know about Prada is that they use perfect matching color for the lining and outer material for their items.

Their lining and exterior color match each other. As if we take the example of Dior, they look for their unique bright red color lining with their brand logo that gets woven throughout their items. A super silky and shine lining is the lousy symbol for the product. The product with these symbols can be a replica. So before buying these brands, watch out the features of their products.