Plus size woman dressed in shorts
Plus size woman dressed in shorts

Shopping for your body shape can get hard because often we are not aware of what suits us. At one moment faux fur is in and in the next one, it is snakes print, and who can stay on track? Barely anyone. Not only that, but there are also some unspoken rules on what might not be the best choice for your frame size and your body shape, which you should also acknowledge and follow along. If you are a plus size woman and you want to create some of the best outfit combinations, beautiful OOTD pictures, and enjoy some new clothes, this article will help you out with all of the above!

Challenge Yourself

Go through your closet and see what you are already working with. Some of these items might be your holy grail items, while others could find their way up into the trashcan. Divide them into two categories, and while you are at it, you can also clean the inside of your wardrobe. New Year- new you, new closet, how about that?


Say Bye

1. Baggy Clothes

If you are a plus size woman, the first thing that you should stay away from is baggy and unflattering clothes. You should especially stay away from baggy clothes that are in bright colors, or weird prints. What you should focus on is purchasing clothes that flatter your body and your attributes. For instance, choose tailored clothes that have clean and flat lines since these will make your legs appear slimmer. You can also purchase deep V neck shirts if you have bigger breasts and accentuate your cleavage, don’t hide it away or tuck underneath a bright oversized yellow shirt, or any tacky shirt for that matter.


2. Too Small

Now, don’t be so extreme and end up reaching only for smaller numbers. Don’t even attempt to fit into some old overused and small shirts or dresses which might hug your body. Don’t get us wrong, hugging your body is a good thing, but only once it is done on one specific part of your body (mostly a part of what you are most proud of). If you wear an entire outfit which can squeeze your body, you will look and feel uncomfortable throughout the day, and no one will find this appealing.

3. All Black

Stay away from monochrome outfits. Black can be slimming, but also can some bright and unique patterns. You could wear a black top with some bubble gum pants, and a lot of neon pink colored jewelry to finish off the look. Also, you can wear a black colored skirt with a bright flower pattern top to give it some dimension and a bit of that ‘pop.’


4. Flat Shoes

Believe it or not, and as comfy as they may be, flat shoes are a big no-no. Flat shoes can make your legs appear short, thick, and wide, while your body demands a bit of a lift. You should make your legs look slimmer by reaching for some wedges, high heels, or even sneakers, but not flats. Wear them as rare as possible, and to some occasions that demand flat shoes, such as the beach, pool, etc.

5. Menswear

Although we all love that boyfriends fit and cute cuddling sweatshirts, sometimes we have to say no to these clothing items. Menswear pantsuits, as well as hoodies and crewnecks, are beautiful, but not for feminine body shape. These items can’t hug anything the right way, and will only look saggy and sad on every girl. Men don’t have big hips, breasts, and bottoms, which means that their clothes can’t fit our body inthe right way, nor as flattering as most of the plus size items.

6. Weird Proportions

The only disproportionate clothing item that you should wear is an off the shoulder top with some baggy sleeves, or a side leg cut skirt. Anything else is a big no for plus size women. Those baggy crotches, as well as droopy shoulders and sloppy cuffs w, ill only make your body a walking circus show, and you don’t want that.

7. Poor Quality

Lastly, poor quality is so 2018 and you should leave it behind you and never look back. Sloppy finishes and poor material such as synthetics could rip easily, and leave you with ripped clothes at a bad timing, during an awful time. And the truth is, you deserve better. Make sure you invest in high-quality materials which will last you for a few months, and treat yourself every 2-3 months with something that will boost your confidence, and only flatter your body shape. Some of the best materials are pure wool & cotton, so strive for these during your next big shopping spree.