Have you ever thought about your roots or your origin? Look at your feet. The answer is there. Your feet reveals a lot about your personality, background, and sources as said by Jane Sheehan.

How your foot shape can make these predictions? Let us see some of the facts to understand this better

Point 1: Anthropometry is a branch of science dealing with size, proportion and weight measurements of the human body. Heritage plays a significant role in morphology or how the human body is configured.

Fact 2: Many physical factors and disease of the human body are determined by human genomes. Balding, the color of eyes and hair, the tone of your skin, how your body and limbs are shaped these are some work of human genomes.

Fact 3: So-called pure lineage that is where an individual has a heritage of purely one descent is very much rare. Most races have mixed families to at least some degree with other runs over the last few centuries.

Fact 4: Studies have shown that certain people have characteristic prevalent in their families or local population that makes them genetically distinctive.

So these are some of the facts you should keep in mind. Now let us take a look at what your foot reveals

1.Pinky toe is tiny

The fifth toe indicates about your childish nature. It also tells about your good sense of humor and your fun-loving nature.

2. The second toe is longer than big toe

Your leadership abilities are excellent. Beauty is also linked with this. There are many things which are associated with this such as many world leaders and rulers, Botticelli’s Venus, the bronze sculpture of Boxer at Restand, the marble Diana of Versailles and the Barberini Faun.

3. Third toe’s last joint is angled

Spies come under this category. You have an ability to deceptive toward others, and you are also often misunderstood by others.

4. Left’s foot second toe leans towards the big toe

You are very sensitive to people, and things and you are nostalgic also.

5. Angled pinky toe

If you can wiggle your pinky toe, this means you have restless personality. Your nature is conventional. It also indicates that your way of speaking, your dressing sense and the way you act might be different from peers.