What your heart line says about you? Chirology or palm reading is the exciting study of foretelling the future through the lines on the palms. One of the important lines in this study is the heart line, the main line of the palm found closest to the base of the fingers. It starts from the edge palm on the side of the little finger and extends towards the space between the thumb and the forefinger.  It is said that the heart line rules over the matters of the affairs and determines how does one fare when it comes to the emotional situations. Since it is quite prominent, even a novice in palm reading can find it.

Read on to find out what your heart line says about you?

  1. The heart line points to the middle finger.

What your heart line says about you

A smart, motivated individual, you live an independent life. But you cannot do without any outside help when it comes to opinions and choices. Your materialistic nature makes you quite a self-centred person who has trouble making close bonds with others.

  1. The heart line points between the middle finger and forefinger.

An observant passenger in the journey of life, you are very practical when it comes to your personal feeling. You are not accustomed to throwing tantrums or expecting unreasonable things from your loved ones. People love to be a part of your life as you can be easily trusted.

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  1. The heart line points to the forefinger.

Content with your personal life, your confidence is your biggest strength and your idealism your biggest weakness. Even though you are vulnerable to a lot of things, you do not believe that being alone equals to being lonely as you enjoy your solitude.

  1. The heart line points to the thumb.

You have a heart of gold that flourishes in helping others selflessly. Your ideal job is philanthropy as it is in your nature to help one and all. A rapt listener who is amiable and lovely, you are loved by everyone for your warm nature.