The Reason Why The Romantic Love Cannot Last Forever And How Can Save Your Relationship


Why romantic love can’t last forever-No matter being in love with someone is a beautiful feeling that we cannot ignore to have. It is even more priceless if someone loves you for whom you are mad. In love, the number of people experiences and express their emotions to their loved ones. It is vast, but we focus on only one person throughout our lives. It is confusing but inexplicable that one can come up with the millions of reasons. It is like baffling and bewitching in the same vein.

The reason why romantic love can’t last forever

Why Romantic Love Can’t Last Forever

It is like a soft feeling of being in love with someone which produces the dreamy romance even if the relationship is at the nascent stage. But with the passage of time the love life and your relationship move to the next level. At that time your love might remain, but the romance began to die with that. The adventure never lasts for the longest time.

There are the priorities that will push it on the back burner. But at the specific number of cases, you may feel that in your relationship only a small, feeble amount of romance left, and it might end soon. Thus you can read out to find out what can we do to save the relationship.

 Love makes one Euphoric

Once you try to get out of the window of romance, then you must remember at least one of that feeling that was once young and new for you. Many researchers found out the emotions that the new bound love has found in us. Two things get increased in our mind, and that is the increasing amount of adrenaline and phenylethylamine. With these two we get attracted towards others. It is the increase in the hormonal imbalance that will drive the lovers crazy. It may also make one feel obsessed or get lost in the thoughts while many others spend their time in reminding their lovers.

 A cocktail of hormones inside your body.

Well, many people are conducting the science of love. When we fall in love with someone, then the heady cocktail of the hormones will kick our body which may also make us a little euphoric, lustful and protective.

Oxytocin: The hormone is responsible for the feeling of emotional attachment. It will give you a sense of emotional connection between two strangers.

Vasopressin: It is responsible for fidelity. And hence if you will fall in love with someone, then it arises the feelings of care for each other.

It is like the cocktail that the hormones like Dopamine, Serotonin, Cortisol, Pheromones combine to form. It might also make us derived away with madness.

Why romantic love can’t last forever?

When you fall in love, then it is a beautiful feeling but is temporary. It fades with the passage of time. During evolution, humans needed to spike the emotions for survival. It might be difficult for us to find that if our ancestors had to feed themselves, look for the food, and many other things. It has not created another generation for you, but it is also according to the fact that the couples decided to live together.

If you do not have a romantic relationship then what does that mean?

We will always prefer that others must face the romantic feeling of being in love. But when someone goes through it, then it can even stress them a lot. If you end away from the romance, then it does not mean that there is an end to the relationship. There will be a bond between you so that you can continue with the person you love. The hormones like Oxytocin and Vasopressin will keep on strengthening the relationship even stronger. It may sometime insist you to make love, hugging, kissing, or the simple talk of leisure.

And if you find that your partner is not doing anything for experiencing the relationship like he did before for you, then you may also have the feeling that you are stressful with it. You may even go for a comforting hug, a good sense of understanding, a kiss, or a long hug can do a lot of wonders in the relationship.