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Let me start off by saying that feminism has done a lot of good for women over the years. The Suffragettes got women the right to vote. Women can apply for divorce. Women are more or less equal with men in just about every aspect of society, from fashion to military service.

In some areas, Women are outperforming their male counterparts, like in the public school system. To make a long story short, it’s a pretty good time to be a woman, and credit where credit is due, feminism is responsible for a large part of that.

They’ve earned their jack-ten in the game of online blackjack that is real life. However, in the past five years, the movement that brought women to equality has taken a sharp left turn – off a cliff.


Modern Feminism

In a lot of ways, it seems like the modern feminist movement has more to do with justifying its existence, instead of stepping back and being proud of all that it has accomplished.

From the perspective of modern feminist leaders, it’s not simply enough that women and men earn the same salary for the same amount of work, but the company also has to have an equal amount of men and women in all positions, regardless of merit.

From the perspective of these leaders, if not enough women are passing the test to become a fireman, then obviously this must be the result of patriarchal oppression, and the standards of the test have to be lowered… so rather than bringing unfit women up to the standard of the test, the test has to be lowered to the standard of the unfit women.

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The New Frontier of Social Justice!

Does this sound like I’m making up bollocks to defame the feminist movement because I’m an angry white male patriarchal oppressor? No, I’m not. Here’s an example. Published by the NEW YORK TIMES, last Friday is the article, “Women Poop. Sometimes at work. Get over it.”

A feminist piece about how women are shamed to use the bathrooms at work, and this is a very serious problem you should be taking very seriously (so NO giggling!), and it’s – I kid you not – the fault of the patriarchy.

“Poop shame is real,” the article reads, “And it disproportionately affects women… In other words, the patriarchy has seeped into women’s intestinal tract. Let’s call it the Pootriarchy.”

Yes, this is real. It is published by the New York Times.

The article continues, “Girls aren’t born with poo shame- it’s something they’re taught… if a boy farts, everyone laughs… if a girl farts, she is mortified.” The obvious question the article never addresses is why? Who is teaching girls to be ashamed of going to the bathroom? Boys? Girls? Their Mother? Father? School? And why is it the fault of the patriarchy – in other words, MY FAULT?

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Now let’s get one thing straight. Everyone hates public restrooms. They’re gross. Privacy is minimal. The hygienic tiles reflect and bounce sound around everywhere. It’s embarrassing. If you’re unlucky, there won’t be any toilet paper. If you’re really unlucky, the janitor hasn’t cleaned the bathroom properly for over a month. Bottom line, public restrooms are horrid.

Now, are their special considerations for women that should be taken into account when being built? Yes. Just like there are for men. (Women should have tampon dispensers, men get urinals). However, if you’re having potty trouble, don’t go blaming your male coworkers when you’re in a women’s restroom, with other women, having been taught (most likely) by your mother, a woman, on how to use the said restroom.

If this is the moral hill that modern feminism is going to take its stand on, then feminists are going to watch in horror as both men and women abandon the movement to the fire it’s lighting beneath its own feet.

*Sniff, sniff*. Do you smell smoke?