Your pinky finger contains much about


Pinky finger size-Hey guys, we will talk about your pinky finger here in this article. Maybe you know what the shape of the pinky finger says about you but we will see as if yours and ours are matching or not. So let’s see.

Pinky finger size


This shape is when your pinky finger is ended just equal to the 80 % of the nearby finger.

Basically, the people having this type of pinky finger shape are very organized and they do not the extent of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). They are very emotional and they are intellectually balanced as well.

  • Second shape

When your pinky finger length is ended on the 50% of the ring finger as shown, you will see this structure here.

The people with this pinky finger size are very kind and they do empathy rather sympathy. They cannot see someone in trouble and if they do, they make every possible effort to help him/her out. They trust everyone easily and they get hurt if they see such thing from their trustees which they have not expected.

  • Third shape

When your pinky finger size is 10 % less short to your finger, you are evaluated as third shape persons.

These types of people are totally unique and incredible because they give more rather they contain. They do not conditionally love someone but all they do without any cost and terms. They keep the secrets of others as they do for own.