It’s always good to think about your relationship from various perspective. To have a clear sense regarding how much you and your partner are putting efforts into this relationship. Are you aware of the fact that the gestures shown by your partner can reveal everything regarding his efforts and his love for you? Here are 15 signs or gestures which we can give you a clear sign regarding up to what extent your partner loves you.

1) He loves to play with your hairs
This is one of the best and sweetest gestures which a man can show towards her lady. If his love is true he will always enjoy in playing with your hairs and will never stop.

2) He puts his hand inside his pocket
If a guy has his hands around his waist or in his pocket, this shows that he is very confident and really cool regarding their relationship.

3) He takes up a lot of space
They take a lot of space to gain the attention of their woman. It gives them confidence and boosts their ego so that they can gain your attention towards them.

4) The way he carries himself in front of you
Ever tried to observe how your man carries himself when he is with you? Does he leans on you every time and never turned his back on you? If yes, then he is a true lover and always care about you.

5) They speak a lot when are with you
Have you ever observed that when your man is with you, he speaks a lot and that too non-stop? He tries to have a quantitative conversation with you but he behaves almost opposite when in public. This is one of the most genuine gesture to prove that he is a true lover.

6) He tries to copy your gestures
If you observe him more closely, then you will notice that he will always try to copy your movements and gestures and habits too. This is because he is trying to develop similarities between you and him by building a bridge between you both to take a step closer.

7) He is really excited when present around you
As soon as he sees you he really gets excited and his face brightens up and eyes get all lit up. There is no way that he can hide his excitements or feelings from you or anyone else in public. This shows how much he loves you.

8) He will find any reason to touch you
He will find reasons to touch you or he will try to hold your arms every time. This will prove that how much he adores you.

9) He always has an eye contact with you
While having a conversation with you he will always maintain an eye contact with you. This will prove how much he is interested in you and love to listen to your words.

10) He loves teasing you
He enjoys very much in teasing you every time just like small kids. He will try to make you laugh and make yourself comfortable with him.

11) He mentions your name a ton times
You have always noticed that whenever he texts you or talks to you he always takes your name frequently. This might be irritating sometimes but it proves that how much he loves to take your name.

12) He always tries to convince you of a date
While you were just friends he always tries to convince you of a date with him in some of the other ways.

13) He likes your every post on social media
Whenever you upload any post on social media, he will be the first one to react to it. Because he is the one who always stalks you over there.

14) He lends you his favourite stuff
This is one of the best gesture as he lends you to his favourite stuff without asking a single question.

15) He asks a lot of questions
If he is interested in you then he will surely ask you a lot of questions regarding your interests, hobbies, upbringing, friends, and your family. This is because he wants to know everything about you because he is interested in you.