The sunflower is also an incredibly smart flower. The flower knows exactly where the sun is; the flower turns its “face” to that side. Take a good look when you see those beautiful yellow sunflower fields in France; most sunflowers look the same way!


The sunflower originates from Central and South America. Indians ate the seeds of this flour (which are still very popular as a snack), along with beans, corn, and pumpkins. Only when the Middle Ages were drawing to a close did the sunflower come to Europe with Spanish conquerors.

The scientific name of the sunflower is Helianthus annuus, which is a compound name of the words helios and anthos. Helios means sun and anthos flower.


For many people, the sunflower symbolizes summer. Not surprising of course: nothing is as nice as putting a large vase with long-stemmed sunflowers on the table; then the sun shines straight into the house! You often see the flower in summer bouquets.

The sunflower’s official symbolism is sun and love. The meanings of the sunflower all have a link with “warm feelings”, namely: commitment, happiness, dedication or adoration, admiration, and long life. A nice flower gift, that sunflower!

As you know I came back to the Netherlands last week. Time to see my family and friends again. Inspired by last week’s sunny temperatures, I brought a bunch of sunflowers as a gift for my best friend.

Sunflowers as gifts

I actually always love the sunflower. A flower that symbolizes the sun and love, a real summer flower! And who doesn’t love summer? The color of course also helps to end up in my favorites list;). Last weekend I went to visit my best friend. And of course, it is nice to bring something with you. That’s why I took letterbox gifts and letterbox flowers as a gift. This tropical and summery look also fits very well in Naomi’s home. Especially since tropical influences can already be spotted here and there thanks to her Caribbean roots.

How do you care for the sunflower?

I must honestly say that I do not have much knowledge of how to best treat different flowers. That’s why I always look it up. That is why it immediately seemed useful to share these care tips with you!

As with many flowers, it is good to cut the stems diagonally. A good tip is to remove excess leaves. Now I have to admit that I removed quite a few leaves because otherwise, I found the bouquet to be too full. In addition, it is also not good if the blades touch the water. The sunflowers prefer water at room temperature. Optionally you can add cut flower food, but this is often already included in the bouquet, so that is handy! I’ve been told that sunflowers use a lot of water, so keep an eye out.

A flower for love

What I like most about flowers is that they also symbolize something. So the sunflower symbolizes love and the sun. This flower is native to North and South America. What is a nice fact about the sunflower is that it rotates with the sun. It is completely understandable why this flower is also called the sunny queen of flowers. In addition, this flower also has a beautiful but tragic love story, you can read this here. But of course, it remains a beautiful summer flower. In addition, giving sunflowers as a gift is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!