six women wearing white pants posing

How many times have you just wanted to get together with the girls and have time away from home? No husbands. No kids. Just you and the girls. Now that you’ve finally set aside a weekend to do just that, no one can figure out where you really want to go! Do you want to go sit on a beach somewhere? Perhaps you simply want to find a nice, plush hotel and sit by the pool sipping margaritas in plastic cups with a frilly pick stuck through the ever-present wedge of lime. 

The one thing you know for sure is all the girls want to get far enough away that they can’t be called home because Daddy burned the toast or someone let the cat out. So, where will you go? Here are some fun trip ideas you might like to explore.

Fashion Week of a Different Kind

Who needs London, Paris, Milan, or New York when Fort Wayne, Indiana, is hosting the Vera Bradley Annual Outlet Sale? This year the dates for the Vera Bradley event are from May 4 through May 8, and if you can make reservations in time, you can have the best of several worlds! Not only can you get away for the weekend of May 6 through 8, the final days of the sale, but you can also bring along a little spare cash to buy an outfit or two from the acclaimed fashion designer Vera Bradley. How often, after all, do you get a chance to get away while also being able to get great prices on designer clothing and accessories? It’s a match made in heaven!

Speaking of That Plush Hotel

After shopping all day, who feels like going out exploring? All the ladies decided that no matter where they end up, the most important activity on their agenda is a little R&R. Heaven knows they get little enough of that at home. Since you aren’t ready to go out to a local club and have no interest in walking any more than you already have at the Vera Bradley event, take out your handy laptop. With that, you can access the hotel’s Wi-Fi and settle in for a spin or two of slots at a top online casino. Who says you need to get up the ambition to head on out to one of the 17 land-based casinos in Indiana? Isn’t it much more satisfying to sip away at that salt-rimmed glass of green magic?

Set One Day Aside for Being Pampered

This is something you probably wouldn’t do at home in a million years! While it might be just a slight exaggeration, you probably are too busy much of the time to sit in a salon being pampered. Since you are on a trip out of town, why not take advantage of the fact that no kid will come barging in demanding your attention? Get the royal treatment from a facial to a full body massage to a brand-new haircut. You have that new Vera Bradley paisley creation, so ask for a total makeover. Put on that new outfit, set down the salted goblet, and now, now you are ready for that fun weekend away. Enjoy it while you can!