A little exercise that will help you understand what you really value most in your life


What do you value most in your life? People go through several stages in their lives, but the constant search in all these years is something most people can’t find an answer to. To put it just, what people look for in their life is the purpose of their life. We believe that every individual is born for a reason and most people spend a lifetime trying to find it.

The real confusion lies in between what we want and what we need. But surprisingly enough though, the answer to this question lies inside of us. We don’t need a lifetime, but a real hard look in the mirror to know what would make us happy.

In this post, we have assembled a couple of pictures that might say or give you an idea of what it is that you want or value most in your life. Choose an image with which you can genuinely associate your future with and that might help you understand what you want. No one is genuinely pleased, but the little things in life are what makes the experience more pleasant.

What do you value most in your life

Picture 1

what do you value most in your life

When this is the picture for you, that you are indeed a work-oriented person? There is nothing wrong with it, as it will help you get fame and make a name for yourself in the world out there. We know that most work-oriented people lose out on other essential things in life, but you can indeed keep that in check by maintaining relations with a good bunch of people.

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 Picture 2

If this picture is the one that makes you feel content, then your happiness lies with friends and loved ones. We are not alone in this world and trying to live a life alone will only make it more miserable. So if this picture is your choice, then it means you like staying around people. Making others feel comfortable around you and keeping that aside is where your happiness lies. You value the people in your life and also care for the ones that you love.

Picture 3

This picture speaks for itself. If this is your choice, then obviously family is your priority. Your family’s happiness is what you care about and work for.

Now did this article help in your quest for the future you were looking for? It might not be this easy for many people, but do not worry as the answer to your question lies within yourself.