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In any sport, there are a few basic things that players need to do in order to be successful. In football, these basics are called the “10 Commandments of Coaching.” They may seem like common sense, but they’re often overlooked or disregarded by players. If you want to play your best game and make your coach happy, pay attention to these commandments.

1. Coaches like good listeners.

When a coach is giving instructions, you should pay close attention to their words and make sure you understand everything they are saying. If something doesn’t make sense or if you have any questions, speak up and ask your coach.

2. Coaches like players being on time. 

It’s important to show up to practice and games on time so that you’re ready to get started right away. Whether it’s showing up early or just being on time, coaches will appreciate your commitment and dedication.

3. Coaches like supportive teammates.

In any sport, teammates need to work together and support each other. This means being encouraging when others make mistakes and celebrating their successes. A coach will be happy to see that you are a positive team player who works well with others.

4. Coaches like players who try their best.

.When you play a sport, it’s important to always give 100% effort. Whether that means pushing yourself physically or putting in extra time to improve your skills, coaches will see that you are focused on being the best player you can be.

5. Coaches like respectful players.

When you’re on the field or in the gym, it’s important to be courteous and respectful to your coaches. This means listening carefully when they are speaking, staying calm when things get challenging, and refraining from using foul language or making disparaging remarks about others.

6. Coaches like players who stay committed.

In order to be a good player, you need to have dedication and commitment both on and off the field. This means investing time in practice and training, showing up for games even when you don’t feel your best, and taking care of your body by eating right, getting enough sleep, and staying hydrated.

7. Coaches like players who hustle at all times.

Coaches want to see that you’re always giving your best effort, even when it may seem like your opponent is much faster or more skilled than you. This means running as fast as you can on and off the field, using proper technique in every situation, and never letting up until the final whistle sounds. And this affects the results of games a lot, but even advanced bettors can’t predict when the players will play their full, although they can predict the results of a game by having a look at the line-up of a particular team, and that’s not all, there is a bunch of things too look at when placing a wager on a football match, which you can learn more about on BetTips.

8. Coaches like players who are on the ball.

In football, it’s important to always be aware of what’s happening around you. This means keeping your head up and your eyes open, watching for teammates making plays or opponents trying to make a tackle. Coaches will appreciate that you’re focused on the game and never take your eyes off the ball.

9. Coaches like players who can take criticism positively.

Football coaches are always looking for ways to help their players improve and become even better athletes. This often involves giving constructive criticism or pointing out things that need improvement in order to help players get better at certain skills or tactics. If you’re able to accept this feedback in a positive way, your coach will recognize that you’re serious about getting better at your game.

10. Coaches like players who can take charge when necessary.

Although coaches are always giving instructions and providing guidance, there may be times during a game when you need to take action on your own. This could mean calling for the ball or making a play on your own initiative. If you’re able to stay calm and focused in these situations, it will show that you have what it takes to be a great leader both on and off the field.

In summary, football coaches like players who are good listeners, committed, supportive teammates, respectful of others, hustle at all times, are aware of what’s happening around them, and can take charge when needed. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, keeping these qualities in mind will help you build strong and lasting relationships with your coaches.