Things you should pay attention while shopping-Shopping can be a fantastic stress buster only if you are aware of its every dimension and if you take care of simple things while shopping. Otherwise, shopping can be another way of causing stress.

Things you need pay attention while shopping

1. Flexibility and width of the shoe

pay attention while shopping

Shoes fascinate everybody. But, not every shoe suits us. Make sure that when you buy shoes, you twist or bend your legs to scrutinise the flexibility of the footwear. When you try new shoes, try walking on every kind of surface only to make sure that you are comfortable wearing them.

Check the width of the show along with its length. Ensure that there is enough ground for your feet to breathe.

2. The ply of the cashmere sweater

Cashmere yarns usually have 2-ply. Having two-ply means that two threats are tightly tied together to make it stronger. But, multiple-ply yarns make the clothes stronger and durable to wear as compared to the single-ply. So, if you are aiming to buy a cashmere sweater, make sure that you buy only multiple-ply so that the sweater is worth spending money.

3. Matching patterns

One of the things you have to pay attention while shopping. Cheap manufacturers often skip and tend to ignore the process of matching the design and the model at the seams and the sleeves and try to keep the cost of production at the minimum. It is because cutting up garments and trying to match up the patterns is a costly and time-consuming affair. However, high-quality clothes are out of this issue. So, make sure that you opt for them only as the unmatching clothes will offer a not-so-good look.

4. Perfect length for jeans

If you plan to buy an ankle pant, the hem is placed just above the ankle bone. If you are planning to buy skinny jeans, make sure that they offer you a clean and charming look. And, if you are going for straight jeans, they should cover up the top of your feet.

If you are a man, go for the jeans which can cover up your socks but, not your shoes, of course.

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5. Quality of the fabric

Repeated washing of the synthetic fabric may ruin the entire cloth as compared to the natural tissue. Natural fabric is more durable as compared to synthetic fabric. Hold the material to check the weight of the fabric. Next, you have to check for the seams on both the sides. If they have been stitched over again and again or they are loose, then don’t buy them.

6. Don’t trust the size

Even though the clothes are measured according to a standard sizing chart, however, you should not be utterly dependent on them. People have varying sizes which might not go with the dimensions mentioned on the cloth. So, make sure that you try different sizes while you shop and buy the best one for you!

7. Dress for shopping success

Make sure that the clothes you are clad in a while on your shopping trip, are comfortable and make your shopping trip and enjoyable experience. However, make sure the undergarments which you wear are the ones you are planning to purchase.

8.The time of the year

Clothes which are expensive at one point of time in a year, become cheap at another point in time in the same year! According to various websites, Thursday is the best day to purchase handbags. If you plan to buy sunglasses, buy them on Monday. Purchase your jeans during the autumn season and, go for sale periods.

9. Mandatory waiting period

Once you see the product, refrain from the urge of buying it immediately. Wait for almost a week and, then go to purchase the item because, during that time span, you’ll be able to identify whether you want to buy that particular thing or not. Ensure that your expenditure is not more than 5% of your budget on your clothes, according to financial planners.

10. “Cost per wear” equation

Make use of this cost per wear trick if you are confused about whether you want to buy that one expensive garment or not. Sum up the price of the clothing including its maintenance and divide it by the number of times you’ll wear it. If you are planning to wear a particular garment on a regular basis, opt for clothes which are of high-quality as they tend to serve you more.`

Happy shopping!