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Content marketing is an ever-changing aspect of online marketing. While some of the changes it undergoes are simple and mild, many of them are significant enough to be considered new methods of attracting potential clients. That’s why you must work with a social media marketing firm that stays on top of trends to make sure you’re getting the best results from your content marketing efforts.

With that said, it’s important to note that different factors influence the various changes that happen with content marketing strategies, including product or service type, industry, and business goals. However, there are different trends you can follow in 2022 to make sure you stay above these changes. Below are three ways marketers have been utilizing content in 2022 that are sure to help your social media marketing firm:

Personalization and Hyper-Personalization

Email marketing is one content marketing strategy that has provided online marketers with excellent results over the years. While it still works in 2022, brands and marketers are now adding more flair to their marketing efforts in the form of personalization and hyper-personalization.

Many brands are now actively trying to understand the buying journey of each customer. Marketers are trying to figure out how to customize their content, messages, and the information they send to their consumers in order to improve engagement and generate better leads.

This marketing trend doesn’t just end with calling customers by their names when they send a message. It goes further by tapping into what the customer needs, wants, as well as their individual preferences. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), analytics, automation, and data, brands and marketers can create a data-driven approach that helps create unique interactions with their customers. You’ll be able to consider the persona of each buyer and tailor your content towards specific languages, marketing channels, and products.

A good example is a way Netflix is providing users with movie or show recommendations based on their recent viewing activity. Another excellent example is YouTube Music’s curated playlist based on your recent listening activity, and Spotify’s review of the music or podcasts users have listened to throughout the year.

Optimal Visual Content

While blogs and articles continue to attract different target audiences, text-only content is simply not enough. Brands and digital marketers are now utilizing a wide range of visual content to help improve the content experience of their consumers.

With well-designed visual content, you’ll be able to enhance customer interaction while moving prospective buyers further along the consumer journey faster and more efficiently. One of the top trends in this category is infographics.

Providing graphical representations of valuable information and data allows your consumers to digest each content easily, especially if they are consumers who tend to spend little time reading an entire blog. Using visual content can also help increase your reader or followership as it will attract target audiences that learn visually.

A Mix of Live and Virtual Events

Thanks to the pandemic, many event professionals pivoted to the online space and saw how effective it was in helping them stay connected to their audiences. Now, in 2022, many brands and marketers are holding live virtual events to reach more consumers, discuss their products, and form personalized relationships with their consumers.

Some experts believe that 2022 will see a surge of virtual and live events working hand-in-hand. While most of the events held in 2020 and 2021 were streamed online, 2022 is believed to be the year in-person events will make a comeback. However, since business professionals are now aware of the effectiveness of virtual events, they’ll be using both event experiences to provide their consumers with the ideal engagement opportunities, ensuring that they meet the needs of each customer.

A good way to utilize this trend is to live stream in-person events to your YouTube channel as webinars. Then turn these webinars into videos for your YouTube page and place them in your blog content. Doing so will provide you with an extra SEO boost, increasing the chances of your video being used as a featured snippet.


Content marketing is always changing and will continue to do so as long as brands and marketers utilize it as one of the most effective strategies around. Staying on top of the latest trends will help guide your business to better heights as you’ll be able to attract more potential customers, engage your consumers, and sell more products.

By utilizing the trends listed above and working with a competent social media marketing firm that knows how to research your consumers and keeps in touch with the latest trend in each industry, you’ll stand a better chance of attaining your business goals.