The Italian dolomites have continuously mesmerized people with enchanting sceneries and interesting auras. However, the facts behind their existence and how they came to surely sweeten the deal. The Italian Dolomites have a lot to unveil beyond the rocky snow peaks and the misty fogs. If you’re planning on hiking or venturing into the dolomites to find your calm, here are the interesting facts you should know about.

1. They’re a UNESCO site

If you never knew, the Italian Dolomites are a United Nations Educational, Scientific Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The organization seeks to build peace through the international corporation and chose these mountains to represent the same in 2009. Its unique scenery draws thousands of tourists worldwide and helps foster a global understanding and peace.

2. The Mountains Were Once Underwater

It’s highly unfathomable to imagine the tall granite peaks of the dolomite mountains underwater. Archaeologists have uncovered evidence that these mountains formed through sedimentation in the Permian Period about 380 million years ago. And over the years, the oceans receded, forming the tall-standing atolls. You can learn more about how best to savor your trip to the dolomite mountains by visiting To couple up the fun with awe and wonder, you need a proper acquaintance of how to make the trip worth your while.

3. The Dolomites Have a Unique Legend

All-natural physical features have their legends, and the dolomite mountains have their own. Allegedly, the moon princess fell in love with the princes of the mountains, got married, and drifted to earth. And being away from the moon she called home, she often felt homesick. The prince would then command his servants to cover the mountains with silk which made the mountains glow. That way, it helped relieve her homesickness.

4. There’s A Lot of Craftsmanship in the Mountains

If you’re planning on setting foot in the mountains, you’re in for awe of your lifetime. The mountain ranges have a lot to offer, and besides being synonymous with awe-inspiring mountain ranges and hiking spots, the culture around the zone is entirely mesmerizing. The Ladin people living in the area have a unique culture and tradition with witty craftsmanship that’ll enchant you. Besides, these people are incredibly hospitable and will quickly rush into offering you their handmade craft, perhaps for cash or as a gift.

5. The Ice Mummy story

Life is possible in the dolomite mountains, but even the dead live in the area. And before you freak out, get to know the story of Otzi. Otzi is a snow mummy that lived about five thousand years ago but died from the cold as a team of German explorers hiked the mountains and discovered his remains. His preserved remains perch high in the mountains and shed light on how life was in the earlier years.


The dolomite mountains are an ideal hiking spot and a place worth having the fun of your life. The ranges aren’t only beautiful for the eyes but tag along with a ton of interesting facts you’d be glad you learned. If you’re planning on visiting these mountains, this article will undoubtedly be one more reason not to call off your expedition.