Have you ever heard someone say, “I couldn’t go to school because I had no money”? Inadequate funds have always been a debilitating factor stopping many from achieving their dreams of going to college.

Life in college can be so expensive and quite challenging for most students to keep up, especially if they are self-sponsored. If this has been your fate, then smile a bit because this article will show you a few of the several legitimate ways to raise some money for your schooling. 123 Term Papers prepared a list of nine ways you can raise last-minute cash for college.

Clean up your closet for cash:

Do you still have any reason to keep those shoes, clothes, bags, and jewelry you haven’t touched for years now? Almost everyone has a cupboard full of that stuff. Start digging through them and take advantage of the online space to sell them. Jewelry or watches you can sell in a local shop too, which might be a more secure way to do it, considering their possible worth. Aside from raising some cash from it for your college, you’ll end up having a clutter-free room.

Take advantage of Bank incentives:

Smart students tend to switch Banks when heading off to college because student’s bank seems to have lots of incentives rather than charges. For instance, Kasasa accounts are totally free. They also offer monthly ATM reimbursement, cashback, interest, or Google/iTunes downloads just for swiping your debit card, enrolling in direct deposit, etc.

You can as well come across other student’s bank accounts that offer bonuses for opening an account with them. However, be sure you understand their policies and monthly charges so as not to end up spending the bonuses on charges.

Sell all your gifts cards:

Nothing is totally useless as you may think. There are a few platforms where you can flip gift cards for some cash. Some of them are

  • cardpool.com
  • raise.com
  • cardcash.com
  • giftcardgranny.com.

Work online for cash:

This involves a question of what skill do you have to offer? There are several online platforms that you can work provided that you have the skill to offer. If you are passionate about sharing knowledge as a tutor, you can leverage on sites like Essayroo and coursework service. If your niche is writing and editing resumes then visit resume writing service. If you can edit any other article perfectly you can as well leverage on the stateofwriting.com and writingmypaper.com.

Apply for scholarships:

Scholarships though not always available, are another way to raise funds for your college. No time is ever too late to apply. Always look out on scholarship sites and keep yourself abreast of the available scholarships you can benefit from.

Sell your photography. If you are really good at taking pictures of scenes, lifestyle, and places you can sell these photos online. There are lots of sites that would accept your photographs into their stocks and pay you for them.

Participate in lab studies:

If you really have lots of time at your disposal, taking part in medical studies is another way to raise funds for your college. However, this requires you to be in good health to participate.

Take part in online surveys:

Online surveys are one of the ways millions of students all over the world generate extra cash from to fund their college. If you do have a few minutes every day to spare, you can take part in market research online.

Become a delivery driver: In as much as this may sound masculine, if you have a car and a smartphone, you can do this around your neighborhood. On the contrary, if you can’t make the deliveries yourself, you can lease out your car for delivery services. Returns will be made to you either weekly or monthly based on your agreement.