Football is without a doubt the most popular and beloved sport around the world, with over 3 billions fans scattered in every country, the sport is full of thrill and excitement for the fans as they watch the passionate players show their skill each and every game. With many leagues, teams, and players the fans have their favorites that they can bet on in the bet of the day. Some players are more adored and supported than others. Here are the football teams that fans can’t get enough of.

Manchester United

The red devils are both the biggest and most successful British football club, Manchester United is, therefore, the most supported team in football with an estimated fan base of over 650 million people from all over the world and a massive social media following – 73.7 million Facebook followers, 27 million on Instagram and 18.9 million Twitter followers.

The mass support for the team leads to mass amounts of revenue to be generated each year, with an average total value of over £3 billion, with this figure continuing to grow as more and more fans show their support to the team.

Since Alex Fergerson managed the team it has become a powerhouse in football, with the club taking home 38 trophies under his management and he set big shoes for the current manager, ex-Manchester United player Ole Gunnar Solskjær, to fill since he took over in 2019.

Real Madrid

Not far behind Manchester United, Real Madrid has successfully grown their worldwide reach and become one of the most beloved teams in the world, with a fan-based of an estimated 350 million people and the club itself now looking to be worth over £3 billion, generating around £580 million each year.

Often referred to as Los Blancos, the team is in constant competition with Barcelona FC as both the Spanish teams are competing to be the very best and since the 2018 La Liga, Real Madrid seems to be stealing the top spot from Barcelona, something they struggled to do in the year before, who knows what will happen in the coming years, but the unknown keeps fans hooked.

Chelsea FC

Another powerful English football team, Chelsea FC or The Blues as many call them, have climbed their way to a top spot in the sport and although are not the wealthiest of teams, they secured the 2nd most lucrative shirt sponsorship deal in history, generating £40 million a year for the team with Yokohama. When Chelsea’s current owner, Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, came onto the scene in 2003 he gave the team a boost to make them a globally recognized football team.

Chelsea has had its fair share of star players, with the likes of Frank Lampard, Didier Drogba Eden Hazard gracing the field for the team. The team also has a healthy following on social platforms on each Facebook (47.8 million), Instagram (15.3 million), and Twitter (12.5 million), with an estimated fan base of 145 million people around the world we are not surprised that their following is so impressive.